Dreams of a little girl and the dancers in the music box

Story Class - Friday July 6, 2012

1.  A little girl sat snuggled on her grandmother’s soft floral armchair and rested her chin on her hand gazing at a smooth glass bottle that played a little Spanish tune. Inside the bottle two tiny ballroom dancers twirled around in each other’s arms in time with the music as their legs twiddled away uselessly beneath them.

2.  The child took the music box with two hands and saw that there are many white doves that fluttered into the sky.  She fell asleep and suddenly dreamed that she was in a beautiful park which had many flowers and it looked like a wedding park. There were many accessories for brides and grooms. She stared around and looked at people dancing.

3.  The girl, Susanne, wanted to dance but no one was inviting her.  She walked onto the dance floor and started to dance alone. It was like she was invisible.

4.  Suddenly, Susanne, saw a table full of food and her eyes widened.  There were so many chocolate cakes and she went crazy.  She went to grab the chocolate. She didn't realize that someone at the corner watched over her. He had a frown, that's why he stood at the corner. He approached her to ask her name. “Hi, my name is James and yours?”

5.  Susanne couldn't speak because her mouth was full of chocolate cake. James went to look for something to drink and came back with 2 glasses of champagne. Susanne had never drank before, so she got drunk immediately. 

6.  She couldn't see him well, but she thought he was a handsome man.  She talked to him a lot and she even thought about marrying him.  After that she fell into self-accusation. Why had she promised to marry him?

7.  She spun around the table and felt guilty and nervous. The guy sent her a love letter saying that he really admired her with a polite poem. She couldn't accept it, but it seemed that this guy was so pure.  So she decided to get to know him more.

8.  Meanwhile, James looked amused at her chocolate streaked face and his drink on her and they both burst out laughing.  James took her hand and led her to the dance floor. They began to dance. During the dance James cleaned the chocolate off her face, or maybe he kissed her. Susanne was not sure; after all she was just a little girl.  Things were moving so fast she wondered if she still had time to grow up or would she have to marry him now, she thought to herself.

9.  She pinched herself, ouch!!! It hurt.  While the girl was deep in thought she heard a voice crying out loudly, ''Susanne come and eat the chocolate cake that your granny made for you?'' What a coincidence! Susanne laughed to herself.

10.  Time went by quickly and she grew up.  When she was in university she met this guy again.  He turned out to be a handsome guy and he told her about the dream he had dreamed of her.


Calliope   - Teacher

Airin Vaher
Quenya Jinx
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Giovanni Tweak (CR)

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