Thanksgiving Turkey

ESL Group Story Writing Class November 28, 2010
Thursday was Thanksgiving in the USA. When I first came to the US, I thought "What a bizarre holiday!" because almost every household in the country eats turkey on Thanksgiving.

I remember my first Thanksgiving very well. It was very cold, it was snowing. I didn't have any friends yet and I was alone.

Now I have a lot of friends, and I planned a party in my home. So I was happy to wait for my friends to arrive.

I bought a frozen turkey to cook for my friends.  My friends told me something.
When i was preparing the turkey for cooking, I heard a strange noise.  Something was rolling on the floor. It was a diamond ring. It had fallen from the turkey.

As soon as my hand touched it, I felt a weird, tingling sensation that spread from my fingers, up through my arm, and into my eye…my left eye, to be exact.
I felt my head spin and I had to lean against the wall. When I opened my eyes again I could see through things. I had X-ray vision.

When my friends arrived at my party, I knew I shouldn't use my eye but I was curious to see what was happening.  But a strange thing happened. All of my friends were wearing clothing that blocks x-rays. This made me think about airport events.

Anyway, it was my scary dream that I had on a lonely Thanksgiving day.  Now, at my party with my friends, some friends said, "Something is shining in the turkey's stomach!"

We cut open the shining turkey and took out the ring. Whenever i put it on my finger, everything was so clear. I was starting to see everything: cables behind the walls, bugs inside the carpets. And I could even see the eaten turkey inside my friend's stomach.

I rubbed my left eye. Was this a nightmare, as I had originally thought, or was this all real?

I took the ring off but nothing changed in my vision. Maybe I was stuck with X-ray vision forever!

 I became curious about why those two guests were wearing clothes I could not see through.  Maybe they were terrorists?

So I decided to find out. I tracked them down and told them that maybe we could go swimming together.

My friend said: "Swimming? It’s too cold to swim now. Do you have any idea where we should go to swim?”  “ How about swimming in the turkey's stomach?  We will be able to find the answer to why  it's so strange here."

I gently asked, “Why don’t you eat more turkey? It’s so delicious.” The tall one whispered, 'Why don’t you forget your stupid turkey and swimming suggestion and give me the ring that you hid in your pocket?”  And then I felt a hard thing against my back. It was a gun.

I said, "OK, you're right. The ring is in my pocket. Let me get it for you."  Then I pretended to reach in my pocket for the ring, but instead I stared at the gaping hole in the turkey where the stuffing had been scooped out, and I dove head-first into that hole.

I was a coward, hiding inside a turkey like that. For my good fortune [or *Fortunately for me], my friends were very courageous. They jumped the two terrorists, took away their gun and took their clothes off.

Turkey legs were also found under the shield.  But they were stopped in time. When all was finished,  I tried to come out of the turkey. I had eaten so much though that I had to ask for help.

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ejje Xaris CR)
Giovanni Tweak
Goemon Edman
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