In Search of Double O

                                                          March 27, 2011
At first I thought he didn't wake up in time, and then I thought he had connection problems but when he didn't answer to SMS I started to worry and I decided to go to Fuxin to find out.

I took a connecting flight from Tokyo and I landed in Shenyang. I rented a car. Traffic was horrible. It took me 4 hours to drive 135 km to Fuxing. Finally, I arrived at the Huifeng hotel. I took a short walk to the International Garden and I started to ask people if they knew OO Broono.

And it was difficult to find OO Broono because he was using his Chinese name, so I decided to...
...go to the pub which OO always loves to visit.  I thought maybe somebody would tell me where he was.  I took a seat first, ordered a whisky, and waited for someone who knows OO.

I took a sip of whiskey.  It tasted rather odd, but I took another sip anyway.  I looked up and there was a man standing in front of me, staring at me.  I said, "OO?"  He responded, "No, I'm not OO but I can take you to him."

A girl tripped on the carpet and fell against me. She grabbed my neck and whispered in my ear: "Don't go. It's dangerous.  He is one of the Fuxin Rebels. They will rob you and maybe kill you.” I didn't know what the Fuxin Rebels were, I didn't want to show the girl I was afraid and I wanted to find OO. So I went with the man.

When I went with this man I saw a very poor place.  I saw people telling a very old man not to use a walking stick, and I thought that was bad because that old man will fall down with every step he takes. I also asked how this group got money from the U.S.A.

I really started to worry about OO. Maybe someone hurt him. This possibility made forced me to think to call the police.

I took out my cell phone but I had no reception so I put it back in my pocket. I looked around for someplace to call but all I saw were dilapidated buildings with locked doors and closed shutters. I was still feeling the effects of the two sips of whiskey, so I rushed up to the guys who had taken the old man's cane, and I said, "Shoo, shooo, leave him alone!"

They looked at me as if I were crazy, but they left.  I took the old man's arm, picked his cane up from the ground, and gave it to him."  He looked at me and said in perfect English: "You do realize that those fellows didn't understand a word you said, don't you?"  Before I could answer, he continued, "OO's house is only five minutes away, we'd better hurry if you want to catch him before he leaves for school."

The old man was walking slowly. He told me that the group was receiving money from Obama to protect OO.  The Fuxin Rebels wanted to scam OO and get his cell phone, but the CIA, that spies all the chat in the world had found out about it and decided to protect OO.  Obama hoped to show that he wasn't against China.

But I was still confused as to why that group wanted to kill people.  It didn't seem like a good group, so I decided to try to find OO myself to ask him. I knocked on the door and a girl from the group appeared and gave me a slip of paper.

The girl was Chinese. I took the paper that she gave me and started to read it, but it was in Chinese, so I didn’t understand anything.  At the bottom of the paper i saw a note. It was an address and phone number.
turned to ask the old man about the note, but he was no longer standing near me. I didn't know where he went. I was desperate, so I started shouting out "OO, OO where are you? Are you here? OO, OO!"

The girl gave me a cellphone. I dialed the number on the paper (thank God the numbers were in English). While I was waiting for an answer I noticed the phone was an HTC, just like OO's.

I heard someone say, Nihao." I felt good because I knew simple Chinese, so I answered "Nihao, I am Giovanni" and then I heard...

I heard OO' s voice. It sounded so tired. I said, “For God’s sake OO, where are you? I’ve been looking for you for hours! Now please give me the address to where you are.

Turn around and open the door behind you," OO responded. I turned and opened the door.
There were men with guns and computers in the room. oo was tied to a chair, all beaten up. They tied me too and were starting to torture me.  The window exploded, and Ejje swung in with a gun in both hands.

I asked OO what happened, and OO said he was trying to find evidence about who in the Paypal Company deceived him. OO told Paypal about the deception but they didn’t believe him so he was happy that Ejje came to rescue him.

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ejje Xaris (CR)
Giovanni Tweak
oo Broono

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