ESL Group Story Writing Class April 10, 2011
What a beautiful day!  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and a warm breeze was blowing, so I decided to go to the park.

I started to walk slowly to the park. When I arrived there, I saw a man who was playing with his cute, big dog.

I prefer cats to dogs so I wondered why this man didn't have cats instead of dogs.  "Am I selfish?" I asked myself.

The dog was running away from the man. The man started to run after the dog, yelling for him to come back, but he slipped on a banana peel and fell in the mud. He was all dirty and all the people in the park started to laugh.

I thought that I should help him but I wasn’t sure. Then I heard a cat sound.
I looked down and there in the mud, sitting next to the man, was a tiny kitten. The kitten climbed into the man's lap and started purring. From somewhere in the distance, I heard the man's dog growling.

I was convinced that all human beings should have cats instead of dogs. So I walked up to the man to say so.
When I got close to the man I saw he had the kitten in his hands and that he was whispering to it. It sounded like he could talk to the cat. Then the cat went to take a towel and brought it to the man so he could clean himself.

And he said: “Maybe the cat can play with the dog.”  When the cat tried to play with the dog…
… ran out of the park and into the street, and was hit by a car.  The poor thing died instantly.
I started to cry and to ask people for help. I was feeling so bad.

But suddenly the kitten changed its shape into a goddess. She went close to the poor dog and whispered something.

Everybody was there, looking at the scene. The driver of the car was crying as well.  The cat arrived, trotting slowly with the tail up. I could swear it looked like he was smirking.

And something happened: the dog was alive again! I was so happy.
The cat, which had already turned its back on the scene and walked away, suddenly stopped in its tracks. It turned around and let out a loud "MEOWWWWWWWWWWWW," startling the dog.  The dog bolted into the traffic again and this time, it was struck by a huge truck.

It was a really terrible accident. The poor dog’s blood was everywhere and people were starting to scream.
I cried and cried and I swore that I would never again have any pets.  And I walked home depressed.

When I got home I found the kitten waiting for me at the door. I opened it and let the kitten in. She sat on the best armchair of the living room and started to speak: "Can I make a phone call? It's local. I want to call the dog owner."

I said, "Sure you can." Then I heard the cat say, "Hi is this Soso's home?"
I wondered how the cat knew the dog owner's name but I said nothing. I was so depressed and caught up in my own thoughts that I hadn't heard the beginning of the cat's conversation with the dog owner.

When I began to pay attention, I heard the cat say, "and then hold the blood-soaked towel over the mud until at least three drops of the dog's blood falls into the mud. Wait three minutes and your dog will come up out of the mud, completely well and alive again.

I started to wait and suddenly I saw a little puppy inside my bathroom.  
And I remembered that in my refrigerator I had a package of pig meat.  So I dropped three blood of pig into the mud and a very cute pig was born soon!

The End

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ejje Xaris (CR)
oo Broono
Oweny Helendale
samasama Resident

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