Time change

Time has changed in Europe; this week many classes will be at a different time. Next week time will change in SL too and everything will be back to normal.

These are classes that will start one hour later this week:
  • Monday, International News, 12pm PDT (it was 11am PDT
  • Tuesday, Grammar, 1pm PDT (it was 12pm PDT)
  • Wednesday, Flat Mates 12pm PDT (it was 11am PDT)
  • Thursday, Word Games, 2pm PDT (it was 1pm PDT)
  • Friday, Excursion, 9am PDT, (it was 8am PDT)
  • Saturday, Vocabulary, 7am PDT (It was 6am PDT)

Sunday: back to regular times until next spring when this mess will happen again.

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