Call 911

               ESL Group Story Writing Class November 7, 2010

Have you ever had a strong feeling that you've been in a place that you've never been before?  You know what I mean: when you get that feeling of "deja vu."

I had read about it, but I had never experienced it until I met someone in SL. His name was XXX and from the time that he wrote his first words, I had the feeling I had met him before, but I could not remember who or when.

So I tried many times to remember his name while we spoke but I couldn't.  So I kept on talking to him until I remembered his name.

I thought maybe his name is very easy like "OO."  I thought that maybe this XXX guy was someone I knew years ago named OO. But I wasn't sure.

 Anyway, every time I spoke to XXX, he seemed to know what I was going to say, even before I said it.

He kept calling me to chat every time I was online. I deleted him from my friends list, but he seemed to know when I was online anyway. I became very uncomfortable in this situation, so I stopped logging onto SL. One day I received an e-mail from him.

He said: "Why did you delete me when we were good friends? Do you treat all your friends like that? Anyway, it was good knowing you."

After that, I felt ashamed of myself, so I decided to talk to him again.  I was working on my English, so I was very busy. That is what I told him. I added him as a friend again.

As soon as I added him, he began to send me instant message after instant message thanking me. He then told me to go straight home after work. He said, "Don't stop by your friend "Ken's house today." I sent you a surprise but you have to sign for it, so go straight home."

I was shocked. I wondered how he knew that I had a friend named Ken and how he knew that I usually drop by Ken's house after work. And I was especially freaked-out to think that he knew where I lived!

I called my friend Ken. He told me to call the police. I called 911. The police told me to follow this guy's directions. They would hide in my home to protect me and catch this person in case he would want to harm me.

After  that we figured out he was a mutual friend of ours.  So I asked him why he had frightened me. He just "loled" and said "Long time no see," so I wanted to do something to let you know that it was me."

I called Ken again and told him what XXX had said. Ken seemed puzzled and said "Mutual friend? I don't know XXX. If he comes to your house again, call the police again and tell them to resume their stake-out.

One night I was having dinner by myself in my house; I was enjoying Thai food from Thai Palace when I heard the doorbell ring.

I lowered my TV volume because I had figured it was my neighbor complaining once more because I was annoying him while listening to a Champions League football match. When I opened my door, to my surprise I noticed that XXX was there.

He smiled at me once more and asked me: "You won't invite a friend of yours to come in?" I immediately shut the door and called the police.

Apart from the fact that I didn't want to share my Thai food with anyone, I really didn't like pop-ins.

 I went to the closet, I took out my baseball bat, and I waited in silence.  I heard the backyard door open, I went to the kitchen and when this person came in I hit him hard with the bat. The police arrived.

I got myself prepared. Then I took out a kitchen knife and stabbed him in the chest.

I was afraid. I didn't know what I should do. Maybe I should call my friend.

Here's the reason why I'm in the middle of nowhere, at night, totally surrounded by the fog, with a spade in my hand and I'm digging a hole: My friend Ken suggested that the best idea would be to have the body vanish. "If there is no body, there is no crime, technically, my friend," he claimed like an expert lawyer.

Did I say "body?" I meant "two bodies." After all, the cop did walk in on me stabbing XXX. I had no choice but to use my knife and bat on him too.

As I was filling in the two graves, I heard a noise in the sky, and then a searchlight lit up everything around me. There was a helicopter in the sky, and a voice was speaking from the speakers but I wasn't really listening. I could just face the horror of what I had done. I had killed a cop, my friend Ken (because he knew too much) and XXX.  I was facing a life sentence.

I tried to look at the bright side. XXX would not freak me out anymore. I really hate to be disturbed when I'm watching the game. I hope they have pay-TV in prison.

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