Chocolate Dreams

ESL Group Story Writing Class November 7, 2010

Chocolate... Who doesn’t like chocolate? How could I know that chocolate would cause such a disturbance?

A friend told me they had opened a new store. This store was selling only chocolate of many different kinds. They were making it themselves, in a lab in the back. I went there to check it out.

The taste will be nice, I thought. I saw lots of queer chocolates. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a piece of chocolate that was as big as a person.

They were making all kinds of chocolate: nutty, black, milky. I was excited because I am addicted to chocolate… especially to black ones.  And I asked my friend to teach me how to make a big black piece of chocolate.

He told me that he couldn't teach me because his chocolate formula was a secret. But he said that he would give me some delicious dark chocolate.

He told me to wait in the front of the store while he went to get it. Then he disappeared behind a curtain at the back of the store. 

He returned after a few minutes with a tiny silver box. He handed the box to me and told me to open it. I did. There was a teeny, tiny piece of extra dark chocolate in the box.

"Sheesh," I said, "That's certainly a small piece of chocolate!"  "Don't let the small size fool you," he responded with a twinkle in his eye. "That little piece of chocolate packs quite a wallop."

He went back in the store and I kept waiting outside. But he never came back. So I went home and after dinner, when I usually have a craving for something sweet, I ate the tiny dark chocolate. I fell asleep immediately.

And then I was dreaming.  I saw a girl and I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was a big piece of chocolate.

It was so strange. I ate just a small piece of chocolate but it tasted like a big box of chocolate. It was like concentrated chocolate. I thought maybe it was not any kind of chocolate that I’d ever eaten before.

The huge chocolate girl said "Ouch! you just bit my toe!" Then she glared at me with her big chocolate eyes.

I wasn't sure I was all right. Maybe I was hallucinating. I decided to ask my friend, so I went back to the store. No one was there, all the lights were out and the door was open. I went inside.

I tried to find that piece of chocolate but found nothing, so I went back. I tried to eat a piece of chocolate and I was in the dream again. This time I asked her.

I ran to the kitchen and wanted to check on the big piece of chocolate that I first saw there. It was there. I decided to eat a piece of it. I asked the chocolate girl to please tell me who she is and where she's from. She answered, "I am in the big chocolate that you first saw in the kitchen.

Then she warned me not to try to bite her again. But I couldn't stop thinking about how delicious her toe tasted and I felt compelled to try to take another bite out of her.

 So I pretended to start to walk away from her, out of the kitchen. But then, I turned quickly towards her and wrapped my arms around her leg. Then I took a big bite out of her leg.

Her leg started to bleed chocolate sauce and I licked it. It was as delicious as the piece of chocolate leg. But the chocolate girl was furious. She started to hit me with chocolate fists on my head and shoulder.

 It was a little gross. I felt like a vampire, but it wasn't blood, it was chocolate. I was so into the chocolate that I didn't realize the girl had a rope (not of chocolate) and that she tied me up.

She said, "Stupid! What have you done? I was waiting here to become human. You destroyed everything."

So I couldn't move. She told me that she needed help because someone used magic on her and turned her into chocolate. And she said, "Help me please!"

I felt a tinge of guilt but the desire to eat more delicious chocolate was almost overwhelming. I kept looking at her chocolate leg, wanting to take another bite, but also trying to fight the urge to do so.

I asked her: "What do you mean you're waiting to become human?"  She told me a long story about the chocolate maker being also a magician and reviving dead people making them into chocolate before they turned fully human, but I didn't believe her, and I didn't really understand the story.

I told her: "Come away with me. I like you so much, I love you, and, with my love, you will become human. And while we wait for you to turn human, you can let me lick you once in a while."

She wasn't very smart. After all she was a chocolate girl, so she said “yes” and we got married.

I told her ; "Come away with me. I like you so much I love you, and with my love you will become human. And while we wait for you to turn human, you can let me lick you once in a while."

She never turned human; she's still made of chocolate. As she gets older, she gets fatter, and I'm very happy about it. We're very happy together.

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ejje Xaris
Giovanni Tweak (CR)
oo Broono

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