Green Bear, Green Bear

                                  ESL Group Story Writing Class October 17, 2010
I still remember it clearly: that day, because it was the opening of the deer hunting season.  Me, my friend Michael, and my brother-in-law James went to my cottage in the woods and spent the night there.  Finally the day that we'd been waiting for, for a long time, had arrived.

I thought it would be a good idea to have a barbecue.  So I thought we should go hunting.  "Are you crazy?” said Michael. “We can't have a barbecue here, in the forest. It's too risky; we could cause a big fire."

 "Besides, I hate killing animals, I am a vegetarian and in favor of animal protection."
“Forget this idea. What do you think Rilli? Do you agree with me?” “Yes I agree,” responded James. I’m a vegetarian too.

I looked at my brother-in-law in disbelief. "You're a vegetarian?” I asked.  "Then why did you agree to go hunting with us?"

“I like to walk in the woods, but I am scared to go alone. I heard that there are fairies and monsters kin the woods.  I would like to see them, but I'd feel safer going with someone with guns, just in case...

While I was still trying to understand my brother-in-law's worries, James called us next to him. A big brown bear was peacefully walking in our front yard, next his pick-up truck. After all, there would be something that might have spoiled our day in the woods: and it looked like a monster.

I was afraid that something would happen. So I thought that maybe we needed to take a gun.
I was sure there would be an accident. When he saw the bear, my brother-in-law became frantic, immediately.  He took my rifle and fired at the poor bear.

 The bullet from the rifle hit the bear in its heart, and the bear started to turn green.  And we watched as the bear slowly fell to the ground.

My brother-in-law, the vegetarian, went to look for help from the forest faeries. But I thought it's not bad to eat bear meat. I was sure that the meat of the bear would be a gourmet meal.

Since I thought It's OK to eat bear meat, I told James to go back into the cabin and bring out some sharp knives.  But then I gasped because when I looked down at the bear, I noticed that its fur had turned a pale green.

All of a sudden, my brother-in-law returned with a dozen faeries flying behind him, sprinkling some strange green-glowing dust all over everything. The dust made me sneeze.

"Run" he was yelling. "This is not a bear turned green. It's a green monster from space that is a shape-shifter too and looks like a bear."  "Shoot it again, kill it!"

So I trained my rifle on the bear to shoot it, but I was sneezing too much and I could not aim. The monster/bear took my rifle and said: "Who's shooting who now?"

I recall that the fairies weren't friendly and magic creatures either, they were flying angrily and that green dust they were scattering all around was like a pulverizing substance that made everything disappear.

I wanted to gain some time to let my brother-in-law get to us and hit the bear from behind to stun him. I turned to my friend and said: "I had a spray to keep bears away, buddy, why didn't we use that?"

Ok we can use that spray, but I thought we should also call the police.

Unfortunately, Michael and my brother-in-la w didn't have time to react. The bear had only one think on its mind: food; and it swallowed them as easily as I would swallow a spoon-full of ice cream. I was terrified.  Will the bear eat me too ?

Then the bear looked at me and just said, “You can go. But you'd better go right now, not later, or else...” And then I ran as fast as my legs could carry me and I was afraid to look back.

And drenched in sweat, I woke up and opened my eyes and realized it was a nightmare.

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
CEM Clary
EagleEye Scorfield
Giovanni Tweak (CR)
Jeff Hema
MOSKAU Edenbaum
oo Broono
rilli Coba

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