SL Gripe Session

ESL Group Story Writing Class October 3, 2010
Frustrated Avatar: Second Life was horrendous today! So many people had a difficult time teleporting.  Not a few of us cursed the blasted program. It’s so bad, sometimes, that we talk about SL as if it were a person, not a thing.

Exasperated Avatar: I could not agree more.  Sometimes I don't know if I should call the avatar who stands in front of me "he" or "it." Have you ever experienced the same, Broono?

Confused Avatar:  Yes. When the person is a cloud, it confuses me. I don't know what to do when that happens.

Annoyed Avatar: Because of SL, I was blocked in a place where there were a lot of people. Some were strange, and especially one in particular who was singing with a horrible voice.  We were all captive victims of that person.

Irritateed Avatar: I can relate to that, CEM. Because of the problems with SL today, when I tried to teleport to the school, I wound up stuck in a wall! And to make matters worse, there was an annoying person making weird noises on the mic [microphone].  Lucky for me, OO TPed [teleported] me out of there.

Empathetic Avatar: That was a very unfortunate for you, CEM.  If I were the singer, you would never want to leave that room!

Vexted Avatar: Sometimes it's also difficult to tell whether the problems we're having are caused by heavy traffic or by our old computer.  That's why today I brought my PC from my work back home.

Fed-Up Avatar: I want to be able to get on Second Life without all these problems so I can explore other places in SL.

Ambivalent Avatar: SL is a good way to explore some interesting places, but only when it works. Today was a bad day and I thought I was being banned permanently from SL.  But by chance, some friends teleported me to them.

Displeased Avatar: I don´t like when I am using SL and suddenly I start walking to infinity. Sometimes it is funny but most of the times this is kinda [kind of] frustrating.

Aggravated Avatar:  Speaking of walking to inifinity, what's up with SL causing our avatars to drop down through the ground into what seems like an abyss when we cross SIMS [simulators]?  Sometimes, I just want to scream when that happens!

PolLyanna Avatar: I don't know if I'm being optimistic. Comparing my one-week experience on SL to my RL, I find my SL life to be pretty awesome.

Optimistic Avatar: I think SL can be great for some people, and you can go to some colleges on SL. Don’t you agree?

Sarcastic Avatar: Yes my SL life is awesome. Just a moment, I was already asked that question but I don't remember if it was awesome is in a positive or negative way.

Hungry Avatar: Sometimes I am in front of a table full of delicious dishes and I’m ready to eat them. That is a negative aspect of SL, for me, so far (because I can´t enjoy eating food on my PC. Maybe with new versions of SL I will be able to "taste" some good Spanish food by using SL.).

AnotherHungry Avatar: You will have to create the new version of SL Simdo. I am also waiting to taste those delicious foods you find in SL. 

Hopeful Avatar: Maybe Oweny will do it. She is a genius.

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
CEM Clary (CR)
oo Broono
Simdo Aura
Toey Deluxe

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