Bizarre Ending

ESL Group Story Writing Class May 23 2010

This morning, I woke up just as the sun was rising. I looked out the window and you won't believe what I saw!

The road in front of my window was covered with multicolored flowers. I quickly ran to take my camera out of my closet to take a picture of it when I heard my doorbell ringing.

I didn't expect anyone that morning, and that ring surprised me. I went to open the door and you will not believe who I found in front of me.

It was a young man. "Who are you?" I said to myself in my mind. I thought to myself: "He has so many flowers in his hand! I think he's going to ask me to marry him!"

Instead he hands me a bill and says: "It's $1,500 sir, for a complete front yard makeover."  "I didn't call anyone." I answer, while a red convertible parks in front of my house, driven by a beautiful blonde woman.

"Flowers and a blond woman in the morning, it seems it will be great day." I told myself while I was getting rid of the man who needed the money.

"Hi, good morning , nice to meet you." I told the pretty woman. "Hi, Good morning, nice to meet you too," she replied with a lovely voice.

There was something very strange about the way she responded but I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. "May I help you?" I asked. "May I help you?" she responded.

The sun was in my eyes so I cupped my hand over them to see better. I peered closely at this woman who immediately cupped her hand over her eyes, exactly as I had done!
She looked flawless but she frightened me because she was mimicking everything that I said or did.

I shut the door as I was sure I was having another bad dream. Lately I've been suffering a lot from dreams so weird that they look real. When I opened the door again, she was gone; there were two cops instead, waiting for me. “I hope next time I'll find something better,” I said to myself, then I shut the door again.

Someone kept knocking on my door, so I opened it for the third time. The two cops where still there. They were real. They went in and pushed me down and began to ask where I had been the night before.

I was afraid. "What is happening?" I asked myself. The cops showed me a photograph and asked me if I had seen the girl in the photo.

In the picture, I recognized the blonde in the red convertible. "She was here just a few minutes ago, but I thought she was a dream" I answered them. "Where did she go?" they asked. "I don't know. I shut the door in her face to make he go away."  They didn't believe me so they took me to the police station.

"What is going on? This great day has changed into a nightmare!" I told myself while I was sitting on a small uncomfortable chair in the police station. "What's wrong? Why I am here?" I asked the officer.

"Shut up! You don't ask questions, I'm the one who'll ask questions here!" said the cop in a gruff, menacing voice. Just then, the phone on the desk rang. The cop picked it up, while eyeballing me all the while. He listened unattentively for a moment to the voice on the other end.

Then, suddenly, he became visibly flustered. His hands shook, sweat broke out on his brow, and he stuttered, "Yeee, yees, yes, OK, right away." He hung up the phone gently and without saying a word to me, he walked to the closed door and opened it. The blonde woman was standing in the doorway, smiling.

The cop quickly walked past her out the door into the hall. He closed the door behind him and the blonde stood facing me.

"That's the way the cookie crumbles" I thought for a second. "Here I am again with this awesome yet disturbing blonde which I haven't spoken to yet."

"You didn't want to believe that I'm real, did you? How is that as an evidence of my existence?" she asked me. I was puzzled and I said nothing back to her. "However you do know me. Try to remember the last time we saw one another,” she exhorted me. I could not remember.

Suddenly, walking beside the blonde, I realized that the cops called me “Paul”: that was not my name! Even the flowers outside my window were not there yesterday. Terrified, I asked her who I was.

I'm afraid I'm not able to finish this strange story," she said. And that was it.

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ashraf Aulder (CR)
EagleEye Scorfield
Giovanni Tweak
Lonnrot Reyes
oo Broono

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