Love on the Wind

ESL Group Story Writing Class May 9, 2010

Yesterday, it was very windy outside. The weather channel forecasted a rainy, windy day but it only rained for an hour or so in the morning. I didn't want to go outside, so I decided to stay at home and watch T.V. I went to the kitchen, got some ice cream and sat in my comfortable chair. I thought about the day. I asked myself if I could be doing something else. I looked out the window and suddenly, the sky turned black, even though it was daytime. It didn't matter, my heart was light.

"It would be a hard day," I told myself when I was looking out of my window. There were too many dark clouds and the wind was becoming stronger. The trees were moving and the rain became very heavy.  But, the dark clouds and heavy rain and strong wind did not make me frightened or sad. And the fast-moving images and loud sounds emanating from the T.V. also did not bother me.  My heart was as light as a feather because I was thinking of my new, true love.

On television, I could see a love story about a man and a woman. The man told the woman of his love for her. Suddenly, a big storm hit my house. I didn't understand what was happening. The television became grey. I clicked on it with my remote, nothing. I became afraid. Maybe I should call my friend and tell him to come to my house. Then I heard some sounds coming from my bedroom.

“What's the sound? It is so strange? Who made it Oh, OMG, Is it a ghost? On this dark day, the light bulb wasn't working right. What could I do? I wish my mom and dad were staying with me. I was so scared. I went to my bedroom to see what was going on in there. The wind had blown open my window and the rain was collecting on my bedroom floor. Quickly, I closed the window and started to dry the water from off my bedroom floor. Suddenly, I heard a loud voice coming from outside.

I dropped the towel that I had been using to soak up the water, and I walked slowly towards my bedroom door. I stopped at the open doorway and peeked out.  The loud voice that I had just heard was becoming fainter and fainter, so I followed it down the hallway. I heard my front door open and then close.

I went to the door, opened it and looked out into the strange darkness. The wind was blowing so strong that it almost blew me back into the house. Just then, I saw a dark figure hurry across my yard into the barn. I decided to follow the stranger, even though the wind seemed to try to keep me from leaving the house.

I called to him, "Hey you! Who are you? What do you want?"  The man turned towards me. It was my true love.  He had something hidden behind his back. He asked me, "Right or left?" I chose right. Then he showed me an umbrella! It’s so we can be singing while it's raining.

 “But I was curious to know what was in his left hand. "Please show me what you’ve hidden in your left hand, please.”  He said, "If you know what it is, it will spoil the fun. But anyway, OK, It is a candle."

"I knew you were alone and I was afraid for you, especially in this dark and thunder-storming night." “So I came to you.”

Why did you come to visit me in such bad weather?" I asked him. “Did you forget?” he replied. “Today is the anniversary of when we met two years ago." He told me that while he was giving me a red rose -I love red roses.

I felt so happy, I forget the cold the wind and the storm. Now I feel the warmth of his feelings. I'm lucky to have a lover like him. We spent the rest of the day talking about the lovely memories we lived over last two years. The rain stopped, the wind changed into nice weather. The hard day changed to a lovely day by his true love.


Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ashraf Aulder (CR)
CEM Clary
MichaelJackson Artful
oo Broono

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