New teacher and new class: Monday 6am PDT

This week Evvie Stromfield begins teaching at the school.
Her class is on Mondays at 6am PDT, it's a voice class and it's called: Let's Talk!
On each lesson we'll talk about one particular topic and how it relates to our lives.

The structure of each lesson is as follows:
  • Presentation of topic and the teaching points (vocabulary, grammar, functions) by the teacher
  • A set of trigger questions in order to start the chat
  • Other speaking activities, such as role-playing, free speaking, guided speaking, etc
  • Corrections on vocabulary, grammar, functions and pronunciation
  • Questions by the students
The student will learn:
  • Vocabulary related to the topic (selected by the teacher and elicited from the students)
  • Grammar in use (the grammar items needed to talk about the topic)
  • Functions, sentence blocks, idioms and expressions related to the topic
The first topic will be: Free Time.
Submissions of new topics for the following classes are welcome.

See you in class.

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