Unknown-Liquid-Drinking is Not Good

ESL Group Story Writing Class May 2, 2010

Today I think I'll go for a walk in the woods. I wonder what I'll see there. I usually take a walk once or twice a month because I like walking and maybe camping outside for the night. I was briefly checking that my equipment was alright when I suddenly noticed smoke on the horizon rising from the woods.

I know, I know, I should have walked in the opposite direction, but you know me...  I started to walk right toward the smoke. As I was getting closer, I started to smell it and it was an odor I had never smelled before.

Sorry, I couldn't understand.

I saw a small bottle on the ground and the bottle had green liquid inside it. I decided to drink it. When I was drinking it, my backside started to vibrate. I became anxious.

I couldn't understand why I drank the green liquid in the bottle, but I was curious to know the source of the smoke and the strange smell. I walked in the direction of the smoke. When I reached there, there was a surprise.

I was close enough now to see the source of the smoke. The smoke was coming from a strange-looking rock. A horrible stench was coming from the rock. I covered my nose with my hand to block the nasty smell. I squinted because the smell was burning my eyes.

I strained to see the rock more clearly. Then I noticed that it was not a rock at all. It was an egg, and it was cracked, and green liquid was oozing from it.

I wondered in disbelief what sort of weird creature would hatch from the egg. A lot of solicitous questions came to my mind. Even though I knew the proverb, "Curiosity killed the cat,” I decided to take a picture of it with my cell phone.

I took it and I started to e-mail the picture to an online photo contest, to all my friends and to my wife. She replied that if I didn't quit the green liquid she would send me to rehab.

I was replying that I was ok when I felt a putrid hot breath blowing at me. I turned and there it was -a horrible monster spitting green flames at me. "Who's drinking my green liquid?" it roared.

Unknown-liquid-drinking is not good.

I became very frightened. My new body became very big...  I noticed that my body started to turn green.  The monster was beginning to attack me now.

I found out that a group of environmentalists were following the monster.  They helped save me from the monster.  They told me not to worry about the green skin.  They discovered that the bottle of green liquid acts as a poison, like mercury, and it's beginning to be used as a medicine. 

I asked myself when I reached a waterfall with too much vapor. There was a sulfur smell It was coming from a sulfur spring. I knew that this water could cure many skin diseases.

I wasn't totally sure whether I should take a bath in those waters; I made a lot of bad decisions throughout the afternoon but I wouldn't let that inconvenience stop me from getting my normal skin complexion back. I chortled thinking about my skin changing its tone to a new, different tone-like light blue before going inside waters.  After some hesitation I decided to take that leap of faith.

I decided to dive in it and I soon discovered I wasn't alone.  There were strange blue creatures in the water. I soon discovered they were very friendly.  We had fun, and I took some pictures. But this time I didn't e-mail them to my wife.
The end

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
Airam Vaher
ashraf Aulder (CR)
EagleEye Scorfield
Giovanni Tweak
Lucky Caxton
oo Broono

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