Nobody Move!

ESL Group Story Writing Class May 30 2010

Yesterday I took a trip into Manhattan. The first thing that I saw when I got out of the taxi was a huge, silver-green skyscraper.

Next to it there was my destination, the party on the attic floor of the Alberta Building. I love its interior and the architectural contraposition of two styles: the romantic and gothic. My friends were waiting there for me.

I saw a huge crystal, on the table. I love it. My friend was wearing beautiful clothes.

There was very romantic light music playing. I looked for my friend to have a dance with her. She was sitting a short distance away in a dark corner, at a small table covered with a red tablecloth. I went to her and asked her for a dance.
She accepted and we started to dance. The lights went out. I heard a loud "ooh" and some giggles. A voice shouted: "Freeze." I turned toward the voice and was blinded by flashlights. The voice said "Nobody move! Stay where you are and start emptying your pockets, rich dancing bastards!"

We’re being robbed! I cupped my hands over my eyes to block the flashlights. "Thwat!!"  I heard a swooshing sound and felt a sharp pain in my arm. My eyes filled with tears and when my vision cleared I saw a short, portly, red-faced man wearing a New York City Police Department uniform.

The uniform was too tight and the buttons on the uniform were almost popping off. The officer had a baton in one hand and a donut in the other. It was then that I realized that he had hit me with the splintery brown baton!

He was trying to look me in the eyes as he was looking for an answer. He put a hand on my arm and started to press his fingers deep inside my flesh. Eventually I shouted from the pain. "Where did you hide it?" He growled at me.

My friend shot the man and told me to just run!  I didn't understand what was happening but I knew I didn't do anything wrong so I just ran and found a good place to rest.

I wasn't so far away, so I said, "Hey officer, where can I pay? Yes, I'm a little drunk, -see you later, OK?  I was doubtful about the “officer.”  His outfit didn't convince me that he was a real cop.

He was dead anyway, because my date had shot him. And I realized I didn't know her all that well. We had just met at a party and started to go out. We always drank a lot but we didn't do much talking. She was fun, but now I wasn't sure what she was up to. And the robbers, who had started collecting jewels and wallets, were coming our way.

I started to back away from the nearest robber when all of a sudden I heard a loud honking sound.  I lost my balance and fell down.  I felt hands lifting me up. "Hey mister, watch where you're going," one annoyed voice shouted. "Tourist,” shouted another.

"You gotta look in front of you, not up at the buildings, moron!" shouted yet another voice. It was then that I realized that I had just had some sort of weird premonition. I was still standing in the same spot where the cabbie had left me. I had been staring up at that skyscraper all the time.

I started walking in the opposite direction and I was puzzled about what to do. I was over-thinking and my breath went irregular. I stumbled on the sidewalk but fortunately my hand encountered a mail box so I leaned there, trying to catch my breath. I was scared and my flash-forward was so real that I could remember all the feelings.

My cell phone started ringing and I heard my friend saying through the phone: “Did you arrive there yet?" I told her "No, I'm going somewhere else to rest. I'll see you later."

I went into a bar to have a drink and calm down. My date joined me there. She said, "There will be an auction at the party. They will sell a big diamond. There are many cops around, checking up on guests and searching them. I don't want to be searched by a pig. But you can search me if you want."

We stopped at the liquor store on the way home. I searched her and questioned her all night. In the morning we decided to get married.

The next morning I awoke in Singapore with a huge headache. I think I'd better not drink for the next day or two.

The End

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
CEM Clary
EagleEye Scorfield
egurt Ahn
Giovanni Tweak
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