New Class: pronunciation course

New class and new teacher: the teacher is Soneji Tigerclaw (mejiajav), and the lesson is a pronunciation course in 10 lessons.

Sunday at 7am am PST. Story writing class is on hold, but will be back for sure.

This course is recommended not only for beginner students, but also for intermediate students who want to improve their pronunciation or fix a specific problem.
This is the program of this course:
1 - Vowels of English: Spelling vs. Pronunciation - list of American English vowels with IPA symbols, English examples and French examples; sorting exercises and spelling exceptions, as well as 25 sentences to practice pronouncing

2 - Vowels of English: Diphthong Version - same as document above, but with diphthongs of the "long vowels" in English

3 - Letter Combinations & Pronunciations - Another list of long vs. short vowel pronunciation according to spelling, as well as exceptions

4 - English Pronunciation Poem - A poem to show that spelling cannot always help with pronunciation

5 - Different Vowel Sound - Students circle the word that has a different vowel sound than the rest, even though they're spelled with the same letters

6 - Consonant Sounds - IPA symbols of consonant sounds in American English, with room to write example words

7 - Homophones - Set of 75 homophones in American English (different spelling, same pronunciation)

8 - Heteronyms - Two sample sentences comparing each heteronym (same spelling, different pronunciation)

9 - Pronunciation of -ed and -s - Sort past tense verbs and plural nouns according to the pronunciation of their endings

10 - Word Stress - Mark the stress on the advanced vocabulary words for Terminale topics (environment, gun control, immigration, health, organization of speech)

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