Anniversary, happy?

Story class: every Sunday at 7am PST

Michelle came back to her apartment after work and turned on the TV.
A talking head appeared on the screen and said: "Hello".
Michelle went to the kitchen to put the groceries she had bought in the refrigerator and hear the voice coming from the TV saying: "Hello Michelle".

Michelle was petrified and shrieked like a small child and ran screaming for the front door.
She went to the TV and found that the TV was off. She became afraid and wondered from what was happening .
She was shivering while she turned off the TV. All of sudden the phone rang and she picked it up. Someone on the phone was whispering in a threatening way.

The voice on the receiver was the same as the one on TV. Michelle shouted, "Who are you?". She heard a click and the voice was gone.

The voice disappeared from the phone and appeared on the TV again . The voice told her: "Where is your son? Do you miss it?". She started to search her son in every room of the house. She didn't find him . She was in shock. She picked up the phone again to call her husband. She found the same voice on the phone. It said "Hang up the phone right now."
The caller said, "I can see you, don't do something stupid.. Your kid is with me! Don't call the police; if you call police then I'll kill your son.

Michelle did not understand what was happening. She began crying and calling out for her son. The voice told her that, if she did as he asked, her son wouldl be fine. She agreed.
Michelle went outside the house but before going outside she told the caller: " I will do what you want, but don't touch my son."

She went the Public Phone Centre. She called her husband and gave him the address . Then She started to go to the address she was given.
The caller said a few times, "Make sure you bring your husband with you."
Then the caller gave them the directions for a big hall. After they found the place, the caller called her cellphone and asked them to hold each other's hand. When the hall door opened, many people shouted, "Happy 5th anniversary". They were really shocked and said, "It was the craziest joke that we've ever seen!"

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