The real red button

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While driving back from work, Vito heard a strange noise coming from the engine of his car.
The noise kept getting worse. When Vito was close to home, he saw a garage on the side of the road which he had never seen before. He parked his car there and the mechanic came out. Vito told him about the problem and the mechanic told him they would look into it. Vito asked him if they had a courtesy car. "Sure", answered the mechanic, and he gave Vito the keys of a very small red car.

"You can use this while we repair your car", the mechanic said. Vito thanked and got into the car. Just as he was driving away the mechanic told him: "Remember to NOT touch the red button on the dashboard. It could be very dangerous."

 Vito saw a red button of a kind he had never seen before in a car. When he turned to ask for more information about the button, the mechanics had disappeared.
He jumped into the car and drove home. While driving, he thought about music and saw no button on the dashboard for the music but the red one.

As he was driving, Vito became bored as he had no music to keep his mind occupied. Thoughts of Lisa in the hospital continued to flood his brain and tear his heart apart. Vito glanced at the red button again.

They had been together for 2 years, but Lisa got cancer in stadium 2. He took care of her without complaining, as she was very nice even as she was sick.

He made a phone call to her but it was disconnected. Although it was very dark, he decided to go to the hospital.

Vito accelerated his car well over the speed limit without noticing. Torn between his desire to cease the horrible thoughts in his head and pushing the red button, Vito inadvertently ran a red light.

When he pushed the red button, it made a very loud noise. And he was noticed by a policeman standing near by.

The police began to chase him. Vito was lost in an internal war between silencing his mind and pressing the red button. By the time VIto noticed the police car behind him, he was going over 100 miles per hour.

He kept increasing the speed until 150 miles hour while the bad thoughts kept rushing through his brain. Suddenly he pressed the brake, because he saw a black shadow in front of him.

On a pure adrenaline rush, Vito pressed the red button instead of swerving the car to avoid the shadow. He was instantly transported to a dark room, where a sole light illuminated a hospital bed. Vito could see or hear nothing else.

He saw an isolated room around him like he saw himself. He glanced a while to the right, and saw Lisa standing there. He called her, but she didn't respond.

Lisa stood there in her hospital gown, facing the darkness. He scanned her from top to bottom and noticed the IV syringe was still attached to her arm. He approached her slowly, softly calling out her name.

Then everything seemed blurred, when he saw her without answering like he was in another world who separated a transparent big wall. He saw someone approached her and took off her IV, she seemed healed because someone looks like alien healed her.

The yellow glow was emitted under the guy's hand. Then Lisa became refreshed but not the one Vito had known.

Lisa, fully healed now, smiled at Vito. When he finally reached her, she caressed his cheek and wiped the tears falling off his eyes. In an instant, Vito was transported back to his room. He looked around and saw the familiar wall padding and when he was unable to move his limbs, he found an eerie comfort in the constraint of his strait jacket.

ai12in (CR)

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