The doll that turned into a pumpkin.

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Mark was at the supermarket. It's her girlfriend's birthday, but he hasn't bought her a present, or planned a party, because he's been sick all week.
While he's shopping for food to make a nice dinner for her, an old lady asks him: "Excuse me, would you pick that box from the top shelf? I can't reach it."
He smiles and tells the old lady: "Sure my mom". He Takes the box for her and asks her if she needs any other help.
She says: "No, thanks my son ... you are a gentleman."
The old lady sees  a girl's toys that he had already bought and asks: "Is it for your daughter?"
He replies: "Yes, she was just born this week."
He picks the girly one, and says: "Hmm.. this hello kitty seems good for her". But in the middle of the road, when he's walking back to his apartment, he meets a woman who looks like a witch.
He doesn't notice that she turns the hello kitty doll into a pumpkin with a fur.

He comes back to his home and says: "Hi, Hello, where are you?" His girlfriend comes with her daughter.
She says: "Hello Mark, what are you bringing for our little daughter?"
He says: "Look, I bought a cute toy for your daughter, I hope she likes it."
He wants to surprise her by popping it up in front of her: "Ta-dah.. look at this darling!".
When Ladia sees the pumpkin, she cries out loud. She says: "Mommy.. It looks ugly!!!
Ladia says: "No problem dear." She gives Mark a small girl toy to give it to Tada instead of the scary one.
Tada is so happy now with new toy. The entire family is happy now, and plays together.

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