Crash Course

ESL Group Story Writing Class January 10, 2010

Sometimes Second Life can frustrate me. Some days I get so angry when I crash that I see red. But some days everything goes very well for me in SL.  For example, last week I met a very interesting and mysterious person in SL.

I opened the profile and the rez date was December 31, 1999. And his avatar was very strange. When I said "Hi," he ran away. What a strange avatar. I told her "Happy New Year."

We began to chat. Our chat was about how interesting his avatar was. "Why do you use a female doll as Avatar?" I asked him.  He answered that people in SL deal with everyone according to gender. They treat people differently, depending on their gender and I want to deal all people, no matter what their gender is.

I asked him "What is your gender?" Then I crashed.

I thought that my avatar would be so cute after I modified it and got new skin. I could learn English in Second Life. Now my avatar is a girl, so most boys love me. Even though they know I am a male in RL.  I played guitar all day while I was listening to a friend. I asked him, "Do you like music?" He answered, “Yes."

Tonight in SL I met a guy just like that. He was also using a female avatar. We discussed whether or not to condemn Alan Turing for his predilections. I took the position that no one should be condemned because of his or her sexual preference.

He disagreed with me. He didn't "believe in" sexual orientation, he said. Then he told me that his sexual preference is for females. Just when our discussion was turning into a heated debate, I crashed.

When I came back online I relogged in the same place and the Linden police were waiting for me. They started asking me a lot of questions about my encounter with the strange avatar. I told the he drove me mad, and they all smiled.

"He got you, man," said the Linden police chief. "It was not a man, it was a machine, a bot, and you didn't notice." I could not believe it, but then I googled the Alan Turing name.

And now I am not sure about anybody, not even myself. What if I am a machine too?

The End (for now)…

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