Greet Visitors and give Infocard

- Welcome the visitor to the school. For EXAMPLE, you may say:

«Hi xxx. Welcome to ESL SL, an English school.»

- Ask visitor what his or her first language is. For EXAMPLE, you may ask:

«What is your first language?»

Give the visitor DRIVE-THROUGH ESL INFO and ESL SL DTinfo notecards in his/her first language or in English. For EXAMPLE, you may say: «I'll give you two notes. They are short. Please read them. When you have read them, you can ask me any questions you want.» or, after giving both notecards: «I gave you two short notecards about the school in XXX. Please read it.» * To give a notecard, just click on it, drag and drop it into avatar or into his/her profile (into the pic or into Give Item: Drop Inventory item here field)

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