ENGLISH (ESL) DRIVE-THROUGH Beginner/Intermediate level

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Come to our class at ESL SL with your questions about English: words, text, expressions, slang and idioms, and grammar.

Experienced, native-language teachers will explain what words and phrases mean and how to use them.

It’s a new method to learn and improve your English built to suit Second Life.

Get your questions answered:

· How do I greet someone I want to meet?

· How do say “I want to make money” in SL?

· How do I ask for a date?

Anything you don't understand? Get your questions answered in class!

Learn what you want and when you need it. All our teachers hold specialist teaching qualifications.

Obtain a strong base in verbal communication skills while improving your written English, grammar and language usage.

Our fees:

· one-hour class, 500L

· 15 minutes private lesson, 500L

For more information or to schedule your private lesson, IM Giovanni Tweak (anytime; IM to e-mail)

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