Answer their questions

Ask if they have any question. If the visitor doesn't understand English, tell them when the Help Team member (if there is one) who speaks their language works, and send him/her an IM with the name and language of the visitor. FAQ: - each class runs for about AN HOUR -About DRIVE-THROUGH If someone asks you about the program, you can tell him/her that this is DRIVE-THROUGH ESL program, and that the best way to know how does it works is by joining a class. By drive-through we mean that there need not be a pre-set lesson plan, that the class is conducted according to the needs of the participants in that particular class. It also means that a participant needn’t remain in the class for the entire hour. - About LEVELS

All levels are welcome at our classes. All questions will be answered. If you find the class too easy or to difficult, please talk to the class runner after class

- About CLASS COSTS 500L is less than 1.8 US$ or 1.5 € and 1000L is less than 3.5 US$ or 3 €. You can buy 10 text classes for 3.500 L. You can tell the person that the first class is free. Tell him/her, that if after class, he/she is really interested in continuing to take classes, we can talk about it. - About PRIVATE CLASSES Private Classes for SIM owners: 6000L$/hr Business English classes for RL businesses: 15.000L$/hr Private classes cost 6.000L$ each. Duration 1 hour. SIM owners will decide when and where Private classes will be held. ESL SL provides the teacher and class running support. SIM owners pay for the class in advance, can invite who they want. Examples of private classes: Training for SIM employees Class for shop renters, residential renters: community building. Class to promote SIM with SL new residents Class for paying students (SIM owners keep the money) Starter offer: 15.000L$/4 classes Business English classes cost 15.000L$. Duration 1 hour Class is for employees of RL companies. Can Attract RL businesses to SL. Other ideas? IM Giovanni Tweak. ESL SL, the English school. Home of DRIVE-THROUGH ESL

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