The last week-end on earth

Story writing class: Sunday at 7am PST
It's the weekend and Henry is sad. He works in a small town far away from home, and he has no friends yet.
During weekends he sits at home watching sports on TV, but today is such a beautiful day that he decides to take a walk.
He goes to the main square but it's empty.
He sees a boy running into the town hall, and Henry decides to follow him.

Henry goes near the boy and asks him what i doing there. The boy tells him that he is there only for look.
Henry doesn't know why he asked the boy, he's surprised by himself.
The boy looks a little confused.
Henry looks around every room inside the town hall, but they are all empty
Finally, he enters a large room full of people. It looks like every resident of the small town is there.
There is a very old lady at the podium. She's telling the residents that today something terrible will happen to the town.

The residents are very nervous.

There have been may little earthquakes in the last days, and all the birds are gone
A rumor is spreading across town: that the end of the world will come soon.

The old lady says that all the residents have to leave town and go to the woods to avoid the big, final earthquake.

She says that in woods there is a rocket that can take all resident to live on the planet of Mars.

The rocket does not have enough space , all people start to panic.
Henry tells the boy hurry up, "Let's ride the rocket."
The boy points to the ground and Henry unearths a time machine.

The boy points to the ground and pushes a little red button under the tree. Suddenly 5 rockets are created by him. The amazing part is the 5 small rockets turn out to be big.

Then all the residents and Henry and the boy take the rockets and go to the planet Mars to live there. When all arrive to the planet Mars they go out from the rockets but in that planet they don't  have air to live and all the people die.

It seems that all the people have died, but the boy opens his eyes slowly, he smiles.
The boy is from Mars. Aliens want to conquer earth, it is only beginning.

The boy is opens his eyes, because he has oxygen to carry on his life. He has an evil heart, he plans to find another country to destroy. He find the followers from twitter and he finds next target. He is a beautiful teenager, because he can turn to be whatever what he wants.

Giovanni Teak - teacher
ai12in Resident - CR
Taiyo Klees
Tezill Hillburton

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