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It was a dark and stormy night.
Judy was walking back home in the snow. She couldn't remember a winter this cold.
She opened the door, expecting to find her house warm and cozy but it was freezing. The furnace had broken, the water had frozen inside the pipes and burst them.
Now there was ice all over. She began to cry, and her tears froze on her face.

She tried to wipe her face with her freezing hands and it only made her realized that she was freezing

Her brother was watching TV, when he heard something outside the house
He wen to figure out what was going on.

He was looking outside the window, when suddenly a black cat appeared scratching the window.

She called her brother to come to the door. The cold wind only blew her voice away.

While he was going to her sister he fell down near the door.

She tried to help him stand. He said, "I felt like a crossbar. I saw it, but there is nothing there.

When her brother finally got up, she told him, " I am freezing". He immediately took the woolen blanket on the chair to cover his sister.

He quickly went to the door. He tried to open it but it was locked. Because there was no other door, he went looking for the key.

He couldn't find the key. He remembered that he had made a duplicate key in his room. He ran to his room quickly, but the door in his room got locked too. He saw a shining thing outside his window room.

He realized that the room was frozen. His hands were very cold.

Then he found a mobile on his bed.  He took it to call his father about the doors.

The line was dead. The thing come closer and he almost got a heart attack. It was an UFO with 3 aliens. He wanted to scream out loud, but he lost his voice.

The UFO landed in the backyard of their house. It was huge, it cover the whole yard

He was feeling dizzy, and he hear his sister screaming.

One alien came to him with a smile on the face. He reached for his gun in his wardrobe and he was aiming at them when they fixed his computer. What a wonderful job, the computer worked very well immediately.

He shook the aliens' hands and said goodbye to them.

Giovanni Teak - teacher
ai12in Resident - CR
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