Of selling cows, buying cars, donating blood

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It's a beautiful day. The sky is blue with big fluffy clouds moving fast, moved by a nice cool breeze.
Martin lies under a tree. He lazily watches his herd of cows that slowly eat the grass. He watches the clouds in the sky, one of them looks like a sports car.
Martin never had a car, and he thinks about what he would do if he had one.

Today he sold a cow and it was a good cow, he might have much money . He is thinks about buying a  new car .

If he had one, he would go to school with it, and he would go to the mall and walk around the shops

Martin imagines going to the mall where he would park the Lamborghini, and tap his friend Marco's back. He would say, "Hi dude, long time no see. Where have you been?". Then Marco would answer him in a proud way, "I've been on business trip."

When he opens his eyes, the cloud car has passed and gone. He decides to buy a car, but a cheap car. He goes to the town to look for his car .

Martin is very disappointed, and so he gets the car

In town he looks for a second-hand car in good condition. A guy called Jack comes to him. He offers him that kind of cars that are still good. Jack underestimates Martin.

Martin wants to try to drive the used car, it looks nice. He asks Jack for a discount.

Jack does not want to give him a discount so Martin leaves feeling sad.

Then he finds a dealer beside it. A guy called Brett talks to him. This time the marketing is very nice. He gives Martin a big discount that makes him speechless. He buys the car with an excited face.
When he drives the car, he suddenly he feels something holding his hand. He looks around, but can't find something.

It is a lucky charm that his mother gave him. He thinks of showing the new car to his mother first .
He is hoping to show his mother the new car, and he wants to drive her around.

He tries to call his mother on the phone, but his mother does not answer the phone, and so he calls  his grandmother's house and he learns that she had an accident.

While calling his grandmother, he expects an answer but still no one answers. He tries calling his best friend.
After calling 3 times, his friend finally answers. His best friend asks him, "Why are you calling? I'm kind of busy with my client."

He arrives at the hospital, his mother is there, it is not a heavy accident. His mother smiles to him, he feels fine, he tells her about the car and he promises to take her to a picnic.

His mother feels tired, and so she prefers to go home to rest.

At night day, she dreams about something weird: there is an old lady with a creepy face who tells her, "I need blood"

Then, when he wakes up, his mom asks him to go to the hospital. It's about her sister needing a blood donation.
He starts to donate his blood for his sister. After that, his sister is in good condition and just needs to rest.

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