Martian Memories

                                           ESL Story Writing Class February 20, 2011
I went to mars today. So, I decided to take my country's flag and human knowledge. This was the first time that humans went there.

I got off my space ship and looked around first. It was a dark place and also very cold. I started to walk slowly. 
I was looking for Jenny, this was her name.  I met her in SL. She had written "I keep SL™ and RL separate" in her profile.

I stopped to ask one of the few Martians who was sitting on a rock by the entrance of a cave, if he (or she or it) had seen Jenny.

 I had on a special breathing apparatus, of course, since there's no oxygen on Mars.  Surprisingly, the Martian understood me, even though I hadn't yet asked him the question out loud. He was able to read my mind!

The Martian told me about Jenny.  She is a scientist and she lives nearby. I decided to visit her house.
She was investigating human behavior and using SL to study it. I went to her house and met with her. She remembered me and said, "Oh, I know you. You are that guy who asked me if AI wanted a free class at the ESL school in SL."

But I didn't remember her. Obviously she was using alts. I thought I had found my soul-mate, this is why I had traveled to Mars. And now I find out she is a cheater who uses alts. I want to go back to Earth!

I stopped to ask one of the few Martians who was sitting on a rock by the entrance of a cave, if he (or she or it) had seen Jenny. I had on a special breathing apparatus, of course, since there's no oxygen on Mars.

She looked at me and said, "I never cheated on you, sweetie. I use alts for my research."  I hadn't said a word so I was shocked. She winked at me and said, "I can read minds, dearie. The Martians taught me how to do that."

She knew that technology was very hard for me. So she said, "We need more people to chat with you." In my mind, I was thinking that I will be jealous of anyone who talks to her, and I didn't want to tell anyone else but her.

The secret of how she can read minds was a lake on Mars. She took me to a magical lake. She said, "You people always claim there is water on Mars, and look, it's true. There really is water on Mars. Now try to drink some of it. You'll see what I mean."

I took my space suit off and I drank some water. I couldn't breathe but I didn't care.  She told me that the possessive side in my feelings was wrong, and that we should all love one another.  She invited me to stay on Mars for a while to see how it worked. I could always teach English to Martians.

So, I opened up a "Drive-Through ESL school" in one of the smaller craters on Mars. It soon became very popular, so I had to hire some Martian Help Team members. One Martian on the HT was a bit over-enthusiastic.

He would read the minds of any Martian who came within 2 meters of the Infohub--even if the Martian was only passing by and had no intention of coming to the school.

I thought it's time to tell humans how Mars was because I still hadn't revealed this secret. I didn't want to go to Earth so I asked her how I could get to Earth. She said, "Use the black hole" and she gave me a small machine to wear.

I dove into the black hole and I fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up and opened my eyes, I was in my Infohub in SL! OMG, I couldn't get to Earth! That stupid Martian sent me to damned Second Life! I was just a pixel avatar at the ESL English School.

After a few days, I realized it was not so bad. I didn't have to eat or wash, I looked very good and I was living like a rock star, going to parties all the time.

After a few months of partying in SL I started to miss Jenny. After all, all the girls in SL seemed the same to me.  When I looked closely at their faces, they all seemed to be carbon copies of one another with slight variations.

 I started to pine away for Jenny. At first, parts of my body became invisible. Later, I started looking flat and turning grey. I desperately wanted to go back to Mars.

I found that small machine again and I turned it on. This time, I really went to Earth. But I couldn't find anyone on Earth. "What happened?" I asked myself.  And I looked at the machine again. It had a screen like that of a watch. Something was written on it. It was "Earth year 5,000."

I got into the machine and found Jenny next to me. She gave me a big hug and said, "Hey sweetie, look what happened? We were in SL, then we met on Mars, and now guess where we will go?

There's nobody on Earth or on Mars. They all went to SL. We created a Mars planet there. I’ll take you there now.

It's been 20 years and some of the passion of the first months is gone. But we have a good life. We spend summers on Earth, winters on Mars and weekends in SL. I hope no one turns this off.
The End

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ejje Xaris (CR)
Giovanni Tweak
oo Broono

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