A Fishy Story

                                      ESL Group Story Writing Class February 13, 2011
One beautiful spring morning when I was all alone at home and had nothing to do, I decided to take a dip in the small pond that was in a shallow patch of woods behind my house.  It was a bit brisk out, but I thought, "What the heck, a little cold air and a little cold water out doors will do me good after having spent so much time indoors during the long winter.”
The weather was really so cold and wet during the winter but now the sun was shining in the blue sky like a gem. I felt a light wind on my face. There was an awesome fragrance in the air, and it was coming from the spring flowers.
I tried to catch a fish when I went into the water. I felt so good that I forgot all my wants and needs. I was enjoying myself there. Suddenly, I saw a big, red jewel deep in the water. I thought, "Maybe I could go get it and give it to my girlfriend."

That jewel will make my girlfriend so happy. I can imagine when she wears the jewel she will look so pretty with it on. I started looking into her heart. Hopefully, her heart will be as beautiful as that gem stone.
So I took a big breath and dived down. I kept swimming deeper and deeper but the jewel seemed to get farther away.  Suddenly I realized I had no oxygen left. I was still far away from the jewel and too deep down to go back to the surface.  I panicked, I thought I would drown and I passed out.

I came to in what seemed like only seconds later.  At first, everything was blurry; then little by little my vision cleared and I saw a lovely red-headed girl leaning over me with a concerned look on her face.
I thought that the girl that I saw might be a mermaid. I couldn't forget her beautiful, innocent face. I returned to my home to get some rest but the girl's sweet face was always on my mind.
I didn't know what to do because I promised my girlfriend that I would never look at another girl or love another girl again. Then I thought, "Promises are like children. It's fun making them but it's no fun keeping them." So I broke my promise.
I kept seeing that girl and thinking that she was so kind to me. She took care of me so well when I fainted. I saw a butterfly metamorphosing on a tree, OMG; she's kinder than my girlfriend. She behaved better than my girlfriend. "She has a beautiful heart like that butterfly," I thought. Now I'm doubtful of what I should do.
Luckily she broke the impasse and kissed me. AAAARGH! It was like kissing a fish! I felt gratitude towards her, she was also very hot.  I wanted her with all my heart, soul and blood, but... It was just like kissing a cold, slimy, salty fish.
All of a sudden a weird thought that I couldn't shake entered my mind.  It was something like this: "If I could only retrieve that gem from the bottom of the pond, and put it in this beautiful siren's mouth while we kiss, I won't be so repulsed by her fish breath."  So after she left, I waited until midnight, then I took a flashlight and went back out to the pond behind my house.
I took an oxygen tank with me this time, just in case...
I thought maybe this time I could do better. So I just dived into the water and tried to find that red jewel but I still couldn't find it. I thought maybe it wasn't a good idea to do it at night but when I went out the next day, I saw the girl again.
I went back to the pond. The red-hair girl was there. She had the red gem between her lips. We kissed and it was the sweetest kiss I ever had.  I fell hopelessly in love with her. I woke up the next day with the gem on my nightstand. I put it in my mouth and it was just a stone. I threw it away, I went back to the pond, I dived in the deep water and I never came back out again.
glu glu…

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