Hungry Like an Italian

                                     ESL Group Story Writing Class February 27, 2011
Last summer I took a long trip on a train. I was traveling from Poland to Italy.  I thought I would meet my colleague. I never saw him before, but when I called him I heard a girl's voice on the phone. I was afraid to hear her voice, but her soft and nice voice put me at ease.

I didn't know what kind of work we were supposed to do in Italy, but I was very excited to visit Italy because I wanted to taste the food.

My friend invited me to a luxurious restaurant for dinner that night. I felt so excited and started to think about the delicious taste of Italian foods.

The train hadn't even made it to France. Yet I was already torturing myself with thoughts of the delicious food that awaited me in Italy. My stomach started to growl so loud that the elderly woman who was sitting next to me lifted her eyebrow and said,

 "I think you need to have a little snack, dearie." And with that, she opened the crumpled brown bag that was on her lap, took out a shiny apple, and handed it to me.

I wanted to wait for my food but I couldn’t say “no” to her, so I took the apple and pretended to eat it.
When I finally arrived, the train was so late. I saw a girl waiting for me.

 She said we didn't have enough time for dinner, so she gave me some Chinese crackers. They had a flavor that I had never tasted before. I thought maybe I'm still so hungry.

He said i could have food poisoning, because the ‘freshness’ date on the crackers had expired. I regretted that I had eaten them but there was nothing that I could do.  My friend took me to his home and said his girlfriend was a famous cook in Italy. She made some soup for me.

So I ate her soup; it was delicious, but I was so sick I couldn’t finish it. After that, my friend suggested that I sleep in his house.

I accepted and went to lie down on the litter of pillows and blankets on the floor that my friend had prepared for me. I fell fast asleep and did not wake up for four days.

I heard some loud voices around to me. I tried to open my eyes. I saw that girl waiting for me. I was hungry again and I decided to go out. I couldn't understand the language and no one could understand English.
I smelled something very good and I followed it to a place that had a RESTAURANT sign. I hoped they could help me in there.

I went into the restaurant and saw the master chef. I told him that I am very interested in Italian foods. He told me that I could be a cook at his restaurant. He said he pays well too.

The master chef gave me cook's uniform and showed me the kitchen. It smells so good in that place but I wasn’t there to eat, but to work!

At least that's what I kept telling myself as I sipped some of the soup that the other chef had prepared for the patrons, and nibbled on the freshly baked rolls that sat atop a counter. Before I realized what I was doing, I had eaten all of the food in the kitchen!

After I had eaten, I went back to my girlfriend’s house. Dinner was waiting for me there. When I sipped the soup that my girlfriend had made, I couldn’t feel anything.

When the chef found me he was so mad! They had a restaurant full of people and no food to serve.  Then he relaxed, smiled, called all the other kitchen staff and said: “Change the menu, We'll have pork roast tonight.”  I had eaten too much to run away or to scream when they picked me up, took my clothes off and started to oil me up.
The end
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