Resolutions, I've Had a Few

ESL Group Story Writing Class December 27, 2009

Resolutions, I've Had a Few

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution? I have. I do. Every year I make a new New Year’s resolution and every year I break my resolutions.

I usually don't make them, but this year I decided to make a resolution for the 2010 New Year. I hope to do many things in this year, and I have to work hard to make all my wishes come true.

I decided to write down the things I have to do. First of all, I would like to learn English, because I want to learn more about the world.

I’m setting my computer monitor’s resolution and my T.V.’s resolution to “good” so that I can watch them. I decided to learn much more English from our good teacher. I decided to make a plan for my future.

I went to a New Year party, and I had a lot to drink. The next morning I was hung-over and I had forgotten all about it.

That's when I decided what my first New Year's resolution would be: Don't get drunk on New Year's Eve in 2010. Actually, that was my second resolution. My first one was to learn more English but the hangover made me forget that. So, my third resolution was...

not only to learn English or stop getting drunk but also my aim for the New Year was to use my time in a better way.

Last year, I spent too much time on my work problems and I forgot my family’s rights. So, my third resolution is to balance my time between my work and my family.

I decided to spend more time with my family in the New Year. I decided to treasure my job and enjoy it in the New Year.

I decided to solve all my problems before the New Year comes. I decided to have a party on New Year's Eve.

I prepared a lot of good food and, for drinks, I bought sodas, fruit juices and iced tea.  When my friends arrived they immediately asked: “Where are the drinks?” “No alcohol this year", I told them. They looked at me like I had become crazy.

One of my guests did more than just give me the evil eye. He grabbed his coat and said "I'll be back" in an Arnold Schwarzenegger-type voice. Then he went out of the door.

He returned in less than 10 minutes with a huge box but I was so busy entertaining my other guests that I didn't get a chance to ask him what was in the box.

When I saw him with the huge box, I knew that one of my resolutions would never come true. So, I wished to have the power to keep my other two resolutions.

I was aware that it would be very difficult to keep my resolutions. However, I still have to persist in keeping them.

Last year my friends and I were at a New Year party. That was too-good-of a party to forget. I missed them a lot. There were enjoyable things to do at the party. I wished that I could go back in the past, to that party. At that moment, I was getting so much enjoyment from thinking about that party.

My head started to spin, and suddenly I found myself at last year's party. Everything was the same: the place, the people, drinks and food. But I was not having fun like last year. And I understood that I had changed.

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