Mushroom man

ESL Group Story Writing Class December 13, 2009

Charlie has always had a very vivid imagination. When he was five years old he used to imagine that tracks that he saw in the snow were made by giants who were searching for him. Of course, the tracks were really just adult boot-prints. When he was 14, he wrote a short story about an alien who lived in his pencil. He got an A+ for that. Even now, at the age of 75, he still imagines strange things. NEXT

He imagined that he was a policeman in space. He thought about the beautiful girl who lived next door to him.  He thought, "I tried to befriend her but she stopped me several times. He wondered what made her do that.

Some days he imagines he is a little tiny boy living in a mushroom house. And he thought how his life might be if he had made the right choices.

All of these random thoughts raced through Charlie's head as he sat on his balcony gazing up at the stars. -the girl next door who rejected his attention, the dreams of being a space policeman and a tiny boy living in a mushroom...

Charlie decided to stop daydreaming forever. So he went to the pretty neighbor’s door and knocked. He wanted to ask her out. She opened the door and a wave of mushroom smell overwhelmed him. He shrank and became so small that he could have really lived inside a small mushroom. The neighbor didn't see him because he was too small and closed the door, but Charlie was inside.

He lived inside his new small house for long time. The mushroom was planted in front of his girl’s door. Every day he went outside to look at his girl’s eyes and then he went back into his house. One day, a terrible thing happened that changed his life. His girl's mother gathered the mushroom that was planted in the garden and took it to her house.

He thought, "I have a very good life for someone who is 75 in this day and age. Life goes on." "I think I need to rest more."  So he slept, as his girl's mother carried him off to her house in a big basket. He woke up suddenly when he felt himself tumbling out of the basket into the lady's sink, along with his mushroom house and about 20 other mushrooms that the woman had taken from the garden in front of her daughter's house.

He did not worry because he was so small that he could pass under the girl's door and he could look for her every day. But he was so small that the girl could not even hear him. He was tired of being small and wanted to become normal again. He went to the window. A gust of wind swept him away.

All these thoughts were in his mind while he was trying to get out of the sink. He saved himself and jumped out of the sink onto the kitchen table, then onto the floor. Then he found his way back to his old house. He thought a lot about ways that would enable him to be normal as before.

He fell down. Then he looked up and saw a tiny mushroom. He ate it, so his body became normal again.

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