Falon’s Precious Nightmare

                     ESL Group Story Writing Class January 16, 2011
 Falon was a very brave girl. Every Thursday night she would take a slow, long, stroll through the graveyard that has stood for over 200 years at the edge of the small village where she lived.

She was never afraid of anything. One day she decided to go into the jungle near the village where she lives.
She didn't think of herself as brave, she just wasn't afraid of the dead. She knew they are all around us. She could feel them in the jungle too.

She thought, "Maybe I can find something interesting in here." So she looked around for a special object, and she found a ring.

She found a ring and it was interesting. She suddenly said, “Ohhh my precious!"  It was a favorite object for her.

She wore that ring and something happened. She felt something burning in her body. Suddenly, her body turned red.

Even though her body felt as if it were on fire, she was calm (because she wasn't afraid of anything, after all).  She looked at her red hands and at her red arms. "Interesting," she thought. Then she saw a lake in the middle of the jungle.

She slowly walked over to the lake and looked down at her reflection that shone clearly on the flat surface of the water. Her entire body was glowing red.

While she was watching her reflection in the lake, she noticed something moving on her back. It was a long, red tail moving like a wild snake.

She started to learn how to control the tail.  She wanted to keep it hidden from view most of the time, but she also wanted to use it as a whip when necessary. In the jungle she became good at catching small animals. One day she was hunted by a terrible jungle lion…

One day she saw a boy go into the jungle and she tried to get to know him, but he saw a terrifying thing. So when he saw her, he ran away, very fast. That boy noticed the worse thing on earth. He ran so fast but he could not run away from Falon's arms.

She tried to say something to the boy but she couldn't. She opened her eyes and discovered that she was dreaming. She said, "Aw, it was a nightmare."

When she got up to go to the bathroom, she noticed that she still had on that ring. She looked in the mirror and said, "Awwwwwwwwwwwww my precious."

Then she went downstairs and looked at the boy gagged, lying on top of the dining table, ready to be eaten.
She tried to pinch herself. "OMG, the ring is so real! I'm still wearing it," she thought. She tried to take the ring off her finger but she couldn't.

The boy watched her with frightened eyes. She stared back at him while she continued to struggle to remove the ring. All of a sudden, she remembered that this was a dream. It had to be a dream because she wasn't afraid of anything when she was awake, and now, she was in a panic over a silly ring.

The moment she came to that realization, she calmed down and untied the boy. "You're free to go now," she told him. At first, he seemed to be too afraid to move, but when he saw her reach for a butcher knife that was lying on the table, he got up and ran out of the house. Falon giggled, took the knife, and hacked off her red hand...ring and all.

She threw the hand to the dogs to eat and went home. On the way home she found on her path a jungle lion, which was smelling her blood. She whipped her tail twice and shortened the lion's moustache. It ran away whimpering. The blood had stopped. She arrived home and checked her wall.

She saw that her hand was back. She wasn't very happy because she was still lovesick over the boy. But she couldn't find him. Now, she thought that maybe this wasn't a dream.

That ring on her hand was so annoying, but still, it was a part of her body. She tried to accept that ring. She began to receive the ring and to move on.
The End

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