Interview with an Alien

ESL Group Story Writing Class. September 12, 2010

There was broken glass all over the floor. There were feathers gently floating down from somewhere.

There was also a lot of blood and body parts all around. Special Agent Dale had no doubts. It had all started with a pillow fight. Other things he could not understand. Whose bodies were they? They were not human (phew). They looked like something he had never seen before.

I had just now reached the place. I thought it must have happened suddenly because 30 minutes ago, everything was all right. I had to meet the owner of the company that I wanted to work in.

I was very scared and didn't know why this case was here. I thought maybe whoever caused this came from a UFO or maybe they wanted to capture Earth.

My other illogical thought coming into my mind right after that was: "I've been pranked!"

By the way, that wouldn't be such a weird theory, being that I was applying for a job at Hilarious Pranks LTD: the biggest company manufacturing pranks and jokes of all kinds.

I opened the door next to me on a room with a stylish secretary sitting behind a desk wearing a pair of fuzzy eyes goggles.

Suddenly I realized that my face in the mirror looked like an alien: big eyes, Oh my God, green skin, and a big head! It must be a nightmare,"

I have to wake up!" I thought. The secretary looked at me calmly and said ''Its ok, don’t be scared. This is the future, not a nightmare."

"Snap out of it agent Dale," I heard someone close by say. It was only then that I realized that I had been daydreaming.

But snap out of what? Which was the dream, which reality, or was this a practical joke? The mirror was not reflecting my image anymore, but the secretary was still in front of me. I told her I had an appointment for a job interview.

I was confused about what was going on around me. I had many different thoughts about this incident. "I don't know which lead to follow" I told myself.

Ok, I decided to go to sleep again because I wanted to figure out what happened today. I thought, "If this case is happening in real life, I will call the police. If it's just a dream, then I'll know that I am the police." As I was thinking this, the secretary became a monster and said, "Give me your head."

I gasped and opened wide my eyes; to my surprise, I was still in the waiting room on a comfortable chair. The secretary raised her head and told me: "Miss Connelly from the HR will see you now." I felt chills going down my spine and I thanked God once again because that was probably just a dream.

As I walked in Miss Connelly's office she shook my hand firmly and she reassured me right away about the "accident scene" from before. "Fear not, agent Dale, the first room you went in was just a prank to scare off people who want to apply here. Now, let's get down to business, shall we?"

“We use high technology here. For example, you had an experience with The Magic Mirror. It shows our thoughts, dreams, and what we want to be," he said. I laughed loudly, Do I want to be an alien?" I said. It showed us what we wanted to see, Mr. Dale. We're hiring you for a special job," she said.

"And the job would be?", I asked. She said: "We have checked your resume and references. You have been a failure at everything you've done before. Our company is too successful and too many people, competitors and government agencies are getting suspicious." "We want you to help us get worse."

It's a tough job market, I was ready to take any job, even something I didn't like. But I could not dream or imagine that I could find a position where I was appreciated for what I am.

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ashraf Aulder
EagleEye Scorfield
Giovanni Tweak(CR)
oo Broono
Zehra Zapedzki

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