Grin and Bear It

ESL Group Story Writing Class December 20 2009

One very, very snowy day I decided to go for a walk. I put on a thick wool sweater. I put on a heavy coat over that.  Next, I put on some boots and gloves. Then I went outside.

I know it might sound weird but I was going out because of my job. I wasn't heading downtown to get to an office; I was planning to go into the woods to take pictures of the snowy forest.

The weather was fantastic. The snowy forest was so beautiful. I took a lot of pictures..

But then I realized I wasn't as warm as I thought I would be. So even though I was a wearing a woolly sweater and a coat, I decided to go back home to put on something extra.

I went outside to enjoy the snow but suddenly I saw a fallen electrical wire. I went to report it to the manager of the utility company.

When I reached my house, I was surprised to see that the snow had piled up so high in front of my door that I couldn't open it.

I went outside to enjoy the snow but suddenly I saw a fallen electrical wire. I went to report it to the manager of the utility company. I asked the manager of the utility company if I should call the police. He said, "No" He would take care of the problem.

This accident happened while I was returning home to put on more heavy clothes. I called the police about the fallen electricity pole and went quickly to my home because I felt cold.

I couldn't go inside because there was a lot of snow piled up in front of the door.

At that point my heart skipped a beat at the sight of a gigantic bear at the right corner of my house.  The bear stood there, curious and not afraid of me at all. It was breathing heavily.

The bear became my friend. He was so gentle. He just wanted my food basket. The bear helped me clean up the snow. I could enter my house after that. I gave the bear some food.

All these dreamy thoughts came to my mind while I saw the bear sitting and raising its paws. I looked at the vapor coming out from its nose. Its big teeth and its opened mouth made me feel that I didn't have long to live.

At that moment I wished that my daydream, about the bear becoming my friend and cleaning up the snow for me, was true. But, alas, it wasn't and the huge bear was about to kill me! All of a sudden, I found the solution to my dilemma. I quickly grabbed a handful of snow, hastily formed it into a snowball, and with all my might, I threw it directly into the bears eyes.

I heard environmentalists saying that bears are a threatened species but I think that these animal lovers have never fought with one. I’ve been waiting for the electrical workers to come and rescue me from the tree that I climbed into. The bear is still in front of my house and I hope someone comes soon. The worst thing is: I have to go to the bathroom and I can't because I'm in a tree.

Airam Vaher
Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ashraf Aulder (CR)
EagleEye Scorfield
leeman Mode
Michal Sheriffe
oo Broono


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