Welcome to this DRIVE-THROUGH ESL class Please ask the class runner information about this class or visit the class calendar and click on the class for a brief description. "ESL" means English as a Second Language. It's an expression used in North America to define the kind of English taught to people living in an English-speaking world, people who speak two languages every day, .

"DRIVE-THROUGH" means that the classes are not part of a course. Classes can be taken as needed.

Just come by and ask your questions. You can learn from other people's questions and from the teacher's answers.

Don't be afraid your question is too difficult, or that other students will not understand. The teacher will answer for everybody.

Don't be afraid to ask a question just because you're worried it might not be correct English. That's the reason you're here!

Ask your question anyway. The teacher will understand, and by correcting your question, the whole class learns something.

If the teacher doesn't understand, you can ask for help from another student who speaks your language. Use IM please.

It is not to your advantage to arrive late to class or to leave early. If you have to, please say "hi" and "bye" to the class quickly so the lesson won't be interrupted.

Have a good class!

QUESTIONS ABOUT ENGLISH Ask the teacher in chat. OTHER QUESTIONS Ask the Class Runner in IM

Question or comments? IM the class runner or Giovanni Tweak. E-mail:

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