If a website asks you to register, don't use your SL account name and password. The following websites are NOT Second Life or ESL SL. PST, PDT, time zones, daylight saving time, moon phases movable life Here you can log in SL using a web browser. Alpha version (more bugs than in beta). You have to use your SL name and password. Available only from US, Canada and Japan Livemocha BBC English Club Epoti: Let's learn English - Learning English (ESL) Online Resources for students, teachers, testing. A Way with Words, public radio's lively language show You like to listen, don't you? TRANSLATORS Babel Fish WordReference Google Translate DICTIONARIES The Free Dictionary Urban Dictionary Not sure if a word is safe for class? Check it here first. Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus. Free access. Lots inside Double-Tongued Dictionary deep

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