Private Classes for SIM owners: 6000L$/hr (23 US$) Business English classes for RL businesses: 15.000L$/hr (57 US$) Private classes cost 6.000L$ each. Duration 1 hour. SIM owners will decide when and where Private classes will be held. ESL SL provides the teacher and class running support. SIM owners pay for the class in advance, can invite who they want. Examples of private classes: Training for SIM employees Class for shop renters, residential renters: community building. Class to promote SIM with SL new residents Class for paying students (SIM owners keep the money) Starter offer: 15.000L$/4 classes Business English classes cost 15.000L$. Duration 1 hour Class is for employees of RL company. Can Attract RL businesses to SL. Other ideas? IM Giovanni Tweak. ESL SL, the English school. Home of DRIVE-THROUGH ESL

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