First class is free, even if you never come back.
For current fees, please open the FEES page

- Text classes: 500L$ (1.3 euro; 1.9US$; 215YEN)
DRIVE-THROUGH ESL TEXT, Dictation, 50/50, Story writing, Description

-Voice classes 1000L$

10 TEXT CLASSES 3500 L$ (30% discount)

- Voice Classes- Cost: 1000L$ (2.6 euro; 3.8US$; 430YEN)

10 VOICE CLASSES 7000 L$ (30% discount)
Private Classes for SIM owners or groups of students: 6000L$/hr (23 US$)
Business English classes for RL businesses: 15.000L$/hr (57 US$)
Business classes price will increase July 1st. 2008

Now you can pay for classes using PayPal.
If you have a credit card but you don't want to use it online.
If you have a credit card but you don't want to use it in Second Life.
If you don't have a credit card but have a bank account.

15 CAD (Canadian Dollar) for 10 text classes (9.7 EUR, 14.7 US$, 1550 円, 105元, 240Sk, 595₨, 25R$, 350руб)

30 CAD (Canadian Dollar) for 10 voice classes (19.5 EUR, 28.8 US$, 3100 円, 210元, 480Sk, 1190₨, 50R$, 700руб)

Other ways to pay: JAPAN, ITALY, NETHERLAND
Do you know another method to pay online without credit card?

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