Quiz 11

Quiz 11 is here:
Answer the question correctly, do it three times, win a free class.
Results of quiz 10: congratulation Meroest, it's your second win! One more and you'll win a free class. Congratulations to Black Widow too, even if it's not a surprise anymore: it's your 4th win!
The quiz is after the jump, good luck :)


giovanni tweak said...
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giovanni tweak said...

1: Could. Many different opinions on this one. Many say that 'can' and 'would' are also correct, so I'll accept all answers. However, my advice is to use 'could'
2: both 'that' and 'which"
3: 'is going to'
note: 'is going to'is the correct answer, but because it's one of those grammar rules that doesn't make much sense, I accepted all the answers.
4: No, I wouldn't
note: this is a grammar quiz after all. Anyway, 'Ok, but only in Second Life' is considered a valid answer as well.
5: red yellow green grey blue and orange.
note: orange or brown, both are considered valid answers.