Sachswakwa Gwinee

ESL Group Story Writing Class. Sunday 8am PST November 15, 2009 Sachswakwa Gwinee Once upon a time, not that long ago, not that far away there lived a very old and wise man. He wasn't wise because of some innate super-intelligence. He was wise because of all the strange experiences that he had throughout his long life. No one knew much about him. Everybody called him "Old Man" with respect. He arrived to our town 3 years ago. He slept all day. When the sun went down he sat outside his very modest home and started telling stories to anyone who would listen. When I met him for the first time, I was so curious to know more about this strange man with wonderful stories. I waited for a suitable time and asked him the question which I wished to know its answer. Who are you? Where do you come from? He smiled mysteriously in response to the question. He had an old white dog that stayed with him all day long. "Where do I come from, you say, kid?" said the Old man. “Are you sure this is the question you want to be answered?" "You know, sometimes one has to pick his question very carefully." "My name is Sachswakwa Gwinee." I tried to search my memory, It seems that I had heard this name before. Yes, that's right, I had seen this name in one of the encyclopedias. I hurried out the door and ran down the street to the library. I went up to the librarian and asked where the encyclopedias were kept. She said, "Duh, we don't have those. go google what you want." Then she pointed to a row of computers at the back of the room. I went to the computers but they were all being used. Five were logged onto Facebook and the other thirty were logged onto SL. Darn! I wrote my name on the waiting list and, while I was waiting, I went for a walk outside the library. A small door on the side of the building opened up just a little. A voice whispered to me: "You're looking for information about Sacha? Come inside." “Why did he consider my question strange?” I asked myself, while I was following the voice. What should I do about it? I couldn't search for information about him today. If the computers are occupied by people using SL, it means that I have to wait 18 hours at least before one would be free. So, I decided to ask my friend EagleEye about him. I met him and asked about Sachswakwa Gwinee. But he was giggling at first but at last he told me. Gwinee was a spy following many investigatory paths about scientific experiments on teletransportation. He most certainly made the government and any federal agent lose his track for the last 10 years. A lot of people were concerned that once he learned how to teletransport, he would use it to hide or escape. I thanked him for the information and hurried back to the library. I didn't trust this stranger's information. The computers were still in use so I convinced one of the users to let me take his place by promising to give him 100 linden when I got online. I typed Sach's full name into the search browser and after a moment only one result appeared. I clicked it open and gasped at what I saw. There was a image of a spiral, it was rotating. I could not take my eyes off it. I felt my body dissolving into particles. I could see the people around me looking at me and screaming. But there was nothing I could do. Then all turned black. Empty. Silent. I was without body, without matter. I was still there, but I was alone. Pure spirit. End of Pt.1 Alianaluz Rivera (T) ashraf Aulder EagleEye Scorfield Fiore Pinklady Giovanni Tweak Xu Beverly (CR)

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