week 11

Second Life time has change from PST to PDT. What does it mean? For students in North America, no change. PDT + 16 = Japan, Korea time PDT + 15 = China time PDT + 8 = Germany, France, Italy, Spain PDT + 9 = Turkey PDT + 7 = Bracken's time Click here for more time zones. When is the time going to change in your time zone? Click here CLASS SCHEDULE: CLICK HERE Questions or comments? Come to the infohub in SL Do you want to see the calendar in your local time? Do you want to see the calendar in your language? Check Help Team office hours and look for HELP WITH CALENDAR. HELP TEAM OFFICE HOURS: CLICK HERE This week Help Team in Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Polish, German, French, Dutch, Slovenian, Russian.

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