Week 8

CLASS SCHEDULE: CLICK HERE Questions or comments? Come to the infohub in SL Do you want to see the calendar in your local time? Do you want to see the calendar in your language? Check Help Team office hours and look for HELP WITH CALENDAR. HELP TEAM OFFICE HOURS: CLICK HERE This week Help Team in Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Dutch, Catalan, Slovenian, Russian. NEW VOICE CLASS Mon 4am PST
  • Voice class in Asia friendly time. Teacher: Monkicat.
  • This week's class: Picture description
50/50 classes
  • first part: no need for microphone. It's either a TEXT class or listening only.
  • second part: microphone needed. Conversation, reading pronunciation.
reading classes
  • do you have a text you'd like to read in class? Or a topic? Ask the class runner.
Bracken, your classes this week are: Wednesday 2pm DICTATION; Thursday 12pm DICTATION; Thursday 10pm (all times in Bracken's time)

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