OK, it's posted. We can't take it back now. We're going to have a School Party!!! What we think we know:
  • Date: December 8
  • Time: 3am-3pm PST (SLT)
  • 8 classes (Text and Voice): ALL FREE
  • 9am-10am: Treasure Hunt (it means there are prizes)
  • 1pm-2pm: Live concert by Takamura Keiko ( )
What we think we know we don't know:
  • class schedule for the day
  • how many of you will come.
  • SL weather
Class schedule will be posted shortly.


Unknown said...

That sounds great! Party and free lessons, surely I am going to take part in it :)
I have only one question, is it possible to have some possibility to compare SL time with GMT one?

Giovanni Erba said...

Yes Jola, PST (SL time) + 8 = GMT.