By The Moon

ESL Group Story Writing Class 11th August 2011

I was walking along a narrow road slowly, taking in the scenery around me breathing slowly in and out.  I needed to catch my breath because I has just seen  something that was really out of the ordinary.

It was a really dark night, without a moon, only clouds in the sky.  I looked along the forest and could see something moving behind the trees  but I couldn't define what it was.  Maybe a big bear?    When I wanted to run, the bear caught me.    My mother told me that bears only eat you when you are moving a lot.  So I thought that maybe I should have slowed down a bit but it was too late. I had a big bite mark on my right leg.

I started to run as fast as I could away from the bear and I got lost in the forest, bleeding.  Soon it was dark and I started to hear very scary noises.   Then I saw a big bridge and after the bridge, one big castle. I ran and knocked the on door asking for help. Then that's when it became a really bad day for me.  I saw that the bear was coming.

As I was standing in front of the castle door, I started to notice that the humidity of the air also took a toll on my body and I stood frozen.    Then I heard noises from inside the castle and a feeling of relief overcame me.  A baron of great stature opened the door and said "Good evening" slowly and in a deep scary voice.  It reminded me of the hunch backed characters I had seen in movies before opening the door inviting me in.  "Welcome to Castle of Doom. I hope it's the place you were looking for" he said.  I ran inside to escape the bear.   The baron slammed the door in the bear's muzzle and turned towards me.

I took a deeper breath, I look at his eyes scared, he looked at my leg and said "It is your lucky night! Let's take care of this leg".   The host gave me a drink of wine and told me when I drink that I will forget the pain.  It took too long.   I didn't know what happened and before I knew it I was sleeping.

When I woke up, I had a strong urge to leave the castle. I couldn't help but notice that even though this man must've had sincere intentions, he was a narcissist to the extreme. I have a fine eye for those sorts of people and it never turned out well in the past.   In my opinion this wouldn't end well if I stayed in this dark and eerie castle but before I could look for a way out, the baron entered my room.   He had changed into a shiny fluttering robe.   It was so shiny I was blinded.

"My dear guest, are you ready to visit the castle? I haven't had a visitor in ages" he said and lead me out of the room into a narrow and dark passage.   As I walked, still limping down the dark passage, I felt my body shiver.   I heard strange sounds,  I did not know where, it was very long, but I could see a huge door at the end.  He stopped.  I was afraid again.  When he opened the door I just turned back and walked to that room again. I said "I'll never leave that room by myself".   As I walked back up the narrow passage, trying to get away from the baron, he started to chuckle.   "Do you really think you can just leave this place?"   I turned around looking surprised.   "What exactly do you mean by that?" I replied.   "Well you were so kind to me, allowing me to stay here.  You mended my wounds and sheltered me from the night."

"I've remembered I have to be in a place by noon and I really have to go now.  Could you be so nice as to call me a taxi?" I said.   His eyes looked at my eyes, I felt the chill go down at my spine. He opened the door and I could see a lab. "No, he said. I can't call you a taxi. I need your help. Will you help me in an experiment?"   I didn't know what he wanted but in my mind I just hoped that I could leave this forest alive.   "I will help you! " Then he said "please close your eyes but this will be a bit cold on your neck".   He put a needle in my neck and as much as I resisted, I slowly plummeted to the ground. "Go to sleep", he said to me.   And then I died.


The best way to improve your English skills is to practise as much as possible and by using different methods.   In our Story Writing Class we  practise our written English skills as a group and form a short story through taking turns in sentence writing.   After the class the story is compiled by the teacher where grammar and spelling corrections are made.  Our last class created this story that you can  read here to practise your reading & comprehension skills. Enjoy! :) 


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