The Mermaid's Song

ESL Group Story Writing Class 25th August 2011

The water looked as clear as crystal and was washing gently up against the rocks.  The sand felt warm and soft as it stuck to my feet while I walked slowly across the beach.   What a beautiful day it was and yet, I wasn't happy, even if I was on holiday. 

I felt lonely because there was no internet connection at the hotel and I couldn't get online, where most of my friends were.   When I was watching, I saw a beautiful girl. She was swimming.  It was a surprise to me because it's too early here.   Silent waves and breeze make me settle down.  Then I'll ask to her say hello.   I become to feel pleasant.
I walk slowly, looking at her swimming, she is beautiful, I stop in front of her and smile, she smiles back and comes out of the water.  Wow!  She was walking to me.   My heart beat faster.  What can I say?  She is so beautiful.  When I was thinking, she said "do you what a drink with me?"
I want to ask her many questions.  Anyway, I invite her to seaside tiki bar.  As we walked to the bar and the conversation went smoothly, the weather began to change, the wind got stronger, some dark clouds hid the sun and suddenly a storm had started.   We ran under the tiki bar roof, but the rain was coming through.  There was lightning and thunder.  The girl looked at me and said " I'm so scared, would you please hold me in your arms?".  " What's your name?" I asked her.  She answered "Sara  but I'm a mermaid".   I didn't believe it.  She lost her necklace.  When I wanted to take it back to her, I saw the necklace reflect upon her face.  She was becoming a monster and I was afraid.

I was surprised because she was very beautiful.   So I looked at her and she is beautiful, I shake my head and look back at the necklace and there is the monster.  I was very confused now.  I got up and before I could get away, she grabbed my arm and said  "Come with me, we will be safer in the ocean".

"Why not?"  I told her and we went underwater.  When I was enjoying it,  the bubble is broken and the water is all around.  I can't breathe anymore but that's not so bad to me because then she really became a monster and she wanted to eat me.

At that moment a whale went after her and the whale wanted to her also but she didn't know that.  I helped her and she avoided it.   That time , suddenly , many mermaids gathered here and suddenly I was safe again.
That time , suddenly , many more mermaids gathered here. Mermaids were singing strange songs.  We were swimming and singing together and of course I watched pretty Nemo.   So yes I'll go to Disney Land tomorrow!

Why a story class?
The best way to improve your English skills is to practise as much as possible and by using different methods.   In our Story Writing Class we  practise our written English skills as a group and form a short story through taking turns in sentence writing.   After the class the story is compiled by the teacher where grammar and spelling corrections are made.  Our last class created this story that you can  read here to practise your reading & comprehension skills. :) 


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