Night Call

ESL Group Story Writing Class 11th August 2011

The best way to improve our English skills is to practise as much as possible and under different situations.   In our Story Writing Class we all practise our written English skills as a group and form a short story through taking turns in sentence writing.    The story is all original work by our class members with only spelling and grammar changed to help students see their work presented in the way it was intended.  They always feel great because they have something to show for their efforts and they have also created their own text that they can read here on our blog to practise their reading & comprehension skills. :)

Sometimes our stories make sense and sometimes not but always the class comes up with something new and interesting.  You can read today's composition below.


Night Call

There was a legend that people used to talk about many years ago. Of course we never believed it was true but sometimes when it's really quiet some people are left alone with the shadows of the night moving and creeping about them and they start to think "I wonder if it's really true?"

I was home alone that night.  I was so tired I could not sleep.  I couldn't help but listen to the sounds of the night.  Then I heard someone knocking at the door.  I took my baseball bat and I went downstairs.

Foot by foot, I got to the door and looked up through the windows that were near.  I could only see a few cobwebs floating in the breeze.   The air was very cold and blowing through the cracks in the window.   I decided to keep my baseball bat close as I just knew that something was not right.   I really thought I had heard something but I guess not.

I was scared but curious.  I looked through the peephole of the door but I couldn't see anyone so I opened the door and went outside.   I felt the snow on my foot and heard the sound of a dog.  I heard the dog barking and growling, the sound was getting closer to me and I was beginning to get even more scared.   I had images of a crazy wear wolf coming to get me and take me away. Silly thoughts in my head.

So I begun to swing my bat in the dark. I swung so hard that I lost my balance and fell in the snow, face down.

I felt a hand grabbing my collar and picking me up. I heard a voice from behind asking me "What are you swinging at?"   I didn't recognise the voice but I felt cold to my spine.  I turned around very slowly and I was still able to hear the growling dog now so close to me.  I jumped back in surprise and tripped over the car that was in the dark and landed in the gutter of the road.

"Who are you?" I cried out. "Don't kill me!"  I heard the voice laughing. "Are you afraid of me?"  I was let down after I tuned and I saw a little person, no taller than a 10 year old kid.

I recognised a leprechaun dressed in green and with a little hat.  He came up to me and he laughed very hard out loud.    So, did I really see the legend face to face or did I fall asleep after all?

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