The True Origin of The Green Lantern

ESL Group Story Writing Class May 1, 2011
1. Yesterday I went to the park.  It was a hot, sunny day so I wore a pair of shorts and dark sunglasses. I saw two cats playing together. I ran around them and felt like a kid. Suddenly, my father shouted at me. He said "Look!  There is something!"
When I turned my head to look, it was too late; something had bitten me. Then I felt pain and I fell asleep.

2. When I woke up I was in a giant jar filled with a green fluid. I turned and I saw my father in a similar jar next to mine. He looked like he was sleeping. Even though I was immersed in this fluid I could breathe easily. It actually had a refreshing minty taste.

3. I tried to wake my dad by tapping on the glass with my knuckles. But he didn't budge, so I tapped a little harder.
So i tried to think about how to get out of the jar.  I sat down and thought about a video game with a similar situation to this. Nuclear pollution caused a mutation in dogs had to catch people and experiment on them. I was afraid that that could really happen in Japan.

4. Unfortunately, this was not a video game and I had no weapons. I could not get out of the jar and I could not find any weapon inside it. So I decided to drink all the green minty fluid.

5. Surprisingly, I had no problem swallowing all that liquid. Suddenly, my stomach began to grumble and expand, and before I knew it, I let out a huge belch. That caused the glass to shatter. I was free!

6. I failed when I tried to use the same way to save my dad. But at that moment, someone appeared before my eyes.
She was a beautiful girl and I saw her take a big wrench…

7. I asked her what her name was. She said "Aloha". I said "aloha" too. She said: "Aloha is my name". Then she hit me in the head with the wrench.

8. When I awoke I had a big headache, the jar where my father was held was broken and I needed to pee really, really bad.
So I peed in the jar.  The feeling of relief that I got was short-lived because out of nowhere the girl returned and clobbered me on the head with the wrench again.  I heard her yell "Random" just before I blacked out.

9. When I woke up, I wanted to apologize to her.  So I created a song with her name. It started, "Aloha Aloha, it's her name."
Aloha was touched by the song.  She started crying!

10. Maybe she would let me go because she thought my song was great, but I still wanted to ask her about my father.
But Aloha couldn't stop crying. She said it was the sweetest song she ever heard and wanted me to sing it over and over.  Finally, just before falling asleep she told me to walk down a long dark corridor If I wanted to find my father.

11. I was so glad that she had fallen asleep because my throat was very sore from singing so long.
 As I walked to the open door that led to the corridor, I grabbed a curved shard of glass that still had some of that green gook in it, and I gulped it down, hoping that it would soothe my throat.  Then I stepped into the dark corridor.

12. I ran down the corridor, I saw a light in front of me! And I also saw a shadow in the light. It was my dad!
 I went to him and gave him a big hug.  And then we were back at home together without noticing the girl.

The End

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
Giovanni Tweak
Noobz Resident:
oo Broono
soso Darkwatch (CR)

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