And They Lived Happily Ever After

ESL Group Story Writing Class May 15, 2011

One fine summer morning, I decided to go for a walk in the park. I took a book with me, intending to sit a while and read, when I got there.

I saw a girl approach me and she sat next to me. I saw that she also had a book.

She had long brown hair and she looked beautiful when she smiled.  She saw me looking at her and she said: "Hi how are you? May I help you?"

I hardly spoke, I just thought to myself that I should say something.  Then I gathered myself and said, "Um do you mind me sitting here?"

She replied, "Sure.”  I was sitting there with my heart beating fast.  I admired her for a long time. Then she began to make conversation with me. 

We talked for some time, then I noticed the day was half gone.  I invited her to dinner and she said "Yes."

As I stood up and motioned for her to follow me, I said, "There's a nice restaurant on the other side of the park. Let's go there."  She nodded her approval and we walked across the park, crossed the street, and went into the restaurant.

I thought that maybe I should ask her what she disliked, so I asked her, "What don't you like to eat?" And she answered "beef."

A few minutes later she went to the restroom. But she had left her iPhone on the table.

The devil in me was laughing evilly, "Finally, an iPhone!"

I was curious about her, so I opened her iPhone. I was shocked when I read so many threatening words inside.

Someone had been sending her very nasty messages.  I saw her coming from the restroom and I quickly put her phone back where she had left it.

But she must have seen me because she said, "What were you doing with my phone?"  Quickly thinking up a lie, I responded: "You must have had it on vibrate because it started to move and I grabbed it, because I thought it was going to fall off the table."

She said, "Thank you." And I asked her for her number.

She said, "I'm sorry, I don't like to give my contact information to strangers."

I shouted at her, "But you eat with a stranger? How rude!"  She apologized and said that she didn't have money at that moment but that the next time she planned to go with a stranger, she would pay.

 So I said angrily, "Yeah next time is another story. Now give me that iphone!"

"Hey, I already apologized to you. I didn't mean to offend you."  “But you're still insisting on taking my iPhone without my permission," she said.

I told her "Ok let’s start over, I am sorry I lost my cool.” She said "I am sorry too, shall we start over?" We made plans to get together again the next day to start over and I walked her back to the park.

The End

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