Pearl Jam

ESL Group Story Writing May 8, 2011


I was walking along the beach when I spotted a beautiful cream and pink-colored shell partially buried in the sand. I stooped down and picked it up.

I thought I could bring it home and give it to the person I really love...

I thought I would give it as a gift and send it to my friend. It would be lots of fun for my friend, if he got them.
When I opened the shell, I saw a big pearl and I was very happy.

I took the big pearl to my beloved sister. When she saw it, she screamed, and I don't know why she was so excited.

I asked my sister why she screamed and she responded by pointing to the pearl. I looked carefully at the pearl and noticed that it was glowing and that it was emitting a soft melodic sound.

I thought that probably it was not a normal pearl, but a kind of magic one. I thought maybe I could ask the pearl to make some of my wishes come true.

I thought that probably it was not a normal pearl, but a kind of magic one. I thought maybe I could ask the pearl to make some of my wishes come true.
I took the pearl to the store to see if it was a real one.  The owner said, "This is a really expensive pearl."

I thought that maybe I could sell it and make lots of money but when I went to sell it, I heard a voice coming from the pearl. It said, "Please don't do that."

I turned back and saw an old policeman. He talked to me and said, "Please give the pearl to me and follow me. I have a secret to tell you."

I backed away from the cop. "No way am I giving you my pearl," I thought! I rubbed the glowing pearl and whispered, "Take me away from here to a safe place." And "pop!" like magic, I was transported to a meadow in a park filled with flowers.

I was a little bit shocked by this and I wasn’t absolutely sure that my pearl was a magic one. So I decided to ask the pearl to fulfill my favorite wish. The pearl said: “Please make your necklace and then I can be with you.”

So I decided to make a necklace with the pearl. But this pearl was so beautiful that when other people looked at it, I was afraid. Maybe someone would want to steal my pearl.

The pearl said to me, "Please touch me." I touched the pearl and I was teleported to a place that I was familiar with. It was the ESL school in Second Life!

I looked around and saw that I was in the group story writing class. "Welcome back," said everybody. I looked down at the pearl in my hand. It hand turned into a "cartoon” pearl and my hand had turned into an avatar hand! “How could this be? How could I have been transported from real life to Second Life?"

I thought that I was probably in a lucid dream. I tried to wake up but it didn't work and I still was sitting in an SL classroom with the cartoon pearl in my hand.

I touched the pearl. Suddenly it started to speak. Aliana appeared from the sparkling pearl.
When I saw Alianaluz I asked, "How can I go to RL?" and Aliana told me: "Just kill yourself." I couldn’t believe that.

The more I thought about my predicament, the less worried I became. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad living in Second Life. I could fly in here without a plane!

So i decided to stay in SL and lived there for 3 years. I had my SL baby, my SL wife, my SL job and my SL friends. One day I found out that SL is not real at all and I killed myself jumping from a skybox, like in the "Vanilla Sky" movie.

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
bertique Resident
fyhao Feden
oo Broono
soso Darkwatch (CR)
yuri Adamczyk

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