New Year’s Eve Melissa

                                              ESL Group Story Writing Class January 9, 2011
You won't believe what happened to me on New Year's Eve!  At 10 o'clock in the morning, I started celebrating by myself a bit early. I cracked open a bottle of champagne that someone had given me for Christmas, and took a swig right out of the bottle.

I started to drink champagne. It was a bit cold and snowing outside. My little kitten Angel and I were alone in the house. I started to watch the street from my window, while I was drinking. Suddenly, a car stopped in front of my house.

I didn't know what was happening but I think maybe someone went the wrong way down the street, so I didn't really want to know who was in that car.

A woman got out of the car. She was Melissa, a new colleague at work.  She was very pretty, but no one talked to her at the office because she said she liked to RP and to experiment with witchcraft.

She started to walk towards my door. She appeared to be looking directly at me through the window. Suddenly, I felt self-conscious about drinking so early in the morning, so I quickly took another gulp from the bottle and then shoved it beneath the table next to my chair. The doorbell rang.

I stood up to go to the door. I could hardly stand. She was smiling at me with her angelic face. I thought, "What luck! I'll not be alone this Christmas." She came into the house and gave me a package. "Take this, it's for you," she said. When she gave me the package her green eyes were sparkling like a puma.

I was very happy and I opened it. I found an HTC phone inside. I didn't know if this was a gift because there was no note inside. Was I missing some information?

So I just smiled at her and said, "Do you want to celebrate with me?" But I saw that she just walked away. I didn't know what was happening, really. When I went to the bedroom, I heard the HTC phone ringing.

I could not see who was calling and I didn't know how to answer the call, so I let it ring and went to bed to sleep through this lonely last day of the year.

Immediately, I fell into a deep sleep, but that didn't last long. I was jolted out of my sleep by a loud banging noise. 

I got up and went into the living room to see what it was.  I looked at the phone on the table. The glass casing was smashed and tiny shards of glass were all over the table and floor. Then I heard a sound coming from underneath the table, where I had left the champagne bottle.

 I looked closely and saw that there was a little troll standing beneath the table, with a hammer in one hand and my champagne bottle in the other!

I was scared and my kitten Angel was hiding behind the curtain. I tried to understand what was going on: Who was this Melissa and why did she give me that damn telephone. Just then, the phone started to ring again. I decided to answer. I pushed the button. A woman said, “Hi.” She was Melissa.

I heard a sound, "I need help, help, help!" I didn't know how to answer because I didn't know what to do. Maybe I was scared. So I answered, "Can I help you?" I waited a long time and finally heard "Yes you can."

After that, I didn't understand what the person said because I didn't know what language she was using. Maybe she was from another planet. I could only say, Maybe the best thing for you to do is to call 911."  I didn't know if I should end the phone call or not.

The phone began to cry: The actual phone, not the voice. It started to move, floating in the air. A blinking yellow sign appeared on the screen. It said: “Follow Me.”  I followed it outside and there was the car with the engine running.

I said, Hell no!" and I backed away from the floating phone. The phone moved closer to me and said "Don't be afraid, please help me!" Then the yellow sign started to glow and a yellow tear fell from the phone onto my hand.
 As soon as the tear touched my hand, I felt calm and I was no longer afraid. I followed the phone. It hovered over the table where the little troll (who was now completely drunk) was.

A strange voice whispered into my ear: “Please help Melissa. She is so lonely, everybody is afraid of her. Now wake up this is just a dream!”  When i woke up, my doorbell was ringing, and it was real. I opened the door and saw Melissa. She was smiling and carrying a package in her hand.

She smiled at me with her awesome emerald green eyes and said, “I wanna be with you next year. Please accept my present.” I opened the box and it was an HTC phone.

This time I was very clever. I closed the door and hoped nothing more would happen. But you can’t control things if a girl is crying at your door because your neighbors might call 911. So I decided to open the door again and I let her in.

I knew what would happen so I asked her if she gave me the phone as a present. And she answered, “No, this phone isn’t for you. Your friend told me that you could repair it for her, so I’m here for your help.  I was feeling good so I repaired it and asked her to join me for New Year’s Eve.
The End

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ejje Xaris (CR)
Giovanni Tweak
oo Broono

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