Dusty Dream

                                    ESL Group Story Writing Class August 29, 2010
Last night I dreamed I was in a desert. In the dream, I was standing on a dusty road that stretched out behind and before me as far as the eye could see. I could taste the dust in my mouth and feel the grainy sand at the edge of my eyes. My clothes and hands and shoes and hair were all covered with a thin layer of the dull reddish powder.

I was thirsty, my mouth was dry. I could not understand how I had ended up there.  Then I woke up. I was thirsty, my mouth was dry. And I had a terrible headache.  The doorbell rang and it felt like a drill going through my skull. I went to open the door.

I waddled off up the passage to get to the door wondering who could be bothering me so early on a Sunday morning.  "May I help you?" I asked before opening the door.

The voice on the other side of the door answered that my antenna on the roof had been broken the night before by the strong wind and that he needed to enter to check for problems with my telly.

I asked again, "Are you sure?" The answer from the other side of door: "Yes!"  Let me tell you that no antenna is installed in my house but I watch movies every day using my laptop.

And I went back to my room to go to sleep.  I was dreaming again.  This time I was in the desert and I saw some people riding camels, so I wanted to join them.

I heard a knock on the door again, went downstairs, opened the door, and to my amazement, the repairman was covered in the same red dust as me. I realized I was having some sort of lucid dream, and wondered what would happen next.

The same voice was talking about the antenna, but I remembered, I didn't have an antenna because when I needed to watch a movie I used my notebook.

"Do you know that you have red dust all over your clothes?" I asked the repairman. "We're in Alaska, in the dead of winter, in the middle of a snowstorm!" I continued.

Then I remembered about "Dune." It's a science fiction novel. I saw the movie. On that planet,  giant  worms extract the spice, a fine red powder used to travel through time, or something like it. That's what it was! The repairman was probably a space traveler bringing me a request for help from a princess from another planet. That's why he wanted to install the antenna.

I was pretty convinced of my theory, so I felt hopeful that an amazing blonde and lonely princess would communicate with me because she needed my help to solve an interplanetary crisis. The only problem was: how would I communicate my hopes to the repairman? Maybe I've been reading too many science fiction books, but I never give up on my hopes. I glanced at the man proudly and asked:" So?"

He, the repairman, told me that he was a space traveler from a planet that was far from earth, about 127 light years away.

He gave me a box and helped me to install the antenna. Through the box, a television-liked box, I could see some fuzzy images emanating from it.  The motion of images showed that a woman was trying to talk to me. She is full of wrinkles and she is seemed old. I took out my SL translator and tried to understand what she was saying.

I saw a peculiar stone that had some text written on it that said: "According to our history, this stone fell to your planet, Earth, and it's a great source of energy.” My T.V. wasn't working anymore. Something was wrong, so I thought that I needed to find that stone.

Suddenly, I recalled a story from my childhood that said, "every person has a special energy source inside."  I began trying to figure out how to tap into the special information that I now realized had been locked away inside of me.

Then I decided I would try to connect my PC to the TV and to the special box delivered by the repairman. When I was trying to turn on the PC, the box and the TV, the TV converted into a portal between our reality and alternative reality.

I began to search on Youtube for answers but I got lost in a Youtube loop, watching many videos.  I spent all day watching videos until I realized I was hungry and I ordered a pizza. When I opened it, it was covered with a fine red dust.  I don't like paprika and I called to complain but a very distant voice told me to eat it and to go to sleep so that I could travel through time and space to the planet. I went to sleep without setting the alarm clock.

The end.

Alianaluz Rivera
EagleEye Scorfield
fyhao Feden
Giovanni Tweak
Lisah Levasseur
magros Zapatero

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